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Cameron is Britain's new Prime Minister!

Thank goodness the Tories are back in charge of Great Britain!

Here is his first speech, just delivered this evening.  It is so wonderful and refreshing to hear a leader give these kinds of remarks.  This is what a good leader sounds like.

Notice his kind and graceful words for his predecessor, regardless of how the previous Prime Minister totally screwed up the country financially and socially.  The new PM cares more about cleaning it up and setting it straight than blaming and trashing him.

In other words (in case my point is not crystal clear), he is not like the current slate of U.S. politicians who -- to this day -- blame their problems on George Bush, rather than letting their own "great ideas" become the centerpiece of discussion.


  • Mr. Cameron speaks from the heart the same way that Mr. Reagan did years ago. You can sense his truthfulness from the order of which he states his priorities. No ill spoken remarks for his predecessor at all. The Socialist and his flukes that are in Washington could reap rewards from intelligence and occupation of this man....!
    Ignorance and the ability of NOT knowing how to, is not what we need to run this country...!

    By MADDOG10, at 9:40 PM

  • Let's see Germany, France, The UK voting EU conservo!   WOW I wonder when Spain and the rest get on board............. (I can't stand that Zapatero commie rat, that frinking stupid look on that face is nauseating). Let us not go down the road of EU socialism,   it don't work. Get rid of the codex and all the other scams meant to beat down the people. We don't want 30% unemployment here in US America.

    By jarasan, at 11:18 PM

  • Very impressive speech. Seems serious and dedicated, seems to have a pretty good vibe. I personally don't know enough about him to comment other than to wish the British sincere good luck and hope their economy will improve.

    Our corrupt slimy sock puppet creature-things in Washington could benefit from a massive dose of integrity for beginners.

    By konane, at 11:56 PM

  • @Konane: I don't think he's going to be the next Margaret Thatcher, but at least it means the days of wild deficit spending (i.e., "stimulous") are over -- hopefully. He's a politician, and as Obi Wan Kenobi said, "Politicians are not to be trusted." But with Brown we *knew* that priorities would continue to be screwed up. Cameron brings some real possibilities and *hope*.

    By Todd, at 8:58 AM

  • October 2009 NASA 'bombed' the moon putting a large hole in it. Is it a coincidence we are now suffering from a large hole in the Earth and oil gushing uncontrollably. Somebody please tell me is this retaliation from NASA's assinine behavior? Will the Moon weaken and then begin to fall to Earth?

    By PUDDINS PICS, at 4:41 PM

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