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I nominate this person "citizen of the year"

These videos arrived in my e-mail inbox today.

The videos are in 2 parts, both shown below.  After Part 1 is complete, you can click right onto Part 2.

This senior citizen and his wife made the tape from their ranch in south-central Texas.

At their own expense, they made 1,000 copies and sent one to every single congressman and senator and some media outlets.

Let's hope that each and every one of them watched and LISTENED!!!

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  • Great video, hooray for blue hairs (for which I am one)!!! They can wake up or ignore, their choice at their own peril. Elections coming up soon, time to send 'em home.

    By konane, at 8:11 PM

  • What an eye opener. Thanks for posting Todd.
    The leftists/socialists resort to calling people names because they have no other recourse, no other argument to refute such a flawed bill. So they try to turn attention away from what the bill is really about, socialized medicine, where government decides if we deserve medical treatment or not.

    By rcbbuckeye, at 10:34 PM

  • With BILLIONS in peril, the loss of tight control, the insurance companies are pulling all stops on the amount of money they will spend to kill the bill on Health Care, as they have done many times before.

    I always distrusted insurance companies, when I pay my car insurance, because the insurance companies paid the Politicians to make it law or lose your car to the impound lot or pay the insurance, I get angry, very angry. The law was passed with the assumption that when every car was covered the cost of car insurance would be lowered. I find that my insurance was not lowered, it was raised, it goes up every year. What I pay in two months I use to pay for the entire year. I have no traffic tickets, only 3 parking tickets in 33 years of driving, so what is making my car insurance do dern high? The greedy insurance companies.

    My sister needs another surgery soon, she got under the wire, the insurance company decided to change the rules. She was lucky. How many people will be affected because the insurance company decided to change the rules? They are the only game in town, and if they want to change the rules they can.

    I personally pay another insurance sum, health care, every two months I have to pay this fee for peace of mind. Its either that or what? Get sick and not be covered?   I have seen this amount climb with no end in sight, so for another sum of 400.00 (approx), I can sit back and not worry about things.   Now lets add this up, nearly 1,200.00 every two months for insurance? Multiply that by the millions of Americans in the USA and now you should understand why the insurance companies are fighting this tooth and claw so it will not pass.

    Big Business, those that run them, are greedy liars, anything for a buck, the heck with whom it hurts, or who dies, as long as they can make a profit to stuff in their pockets.

    When I was hurt on the job, the insurance company paid for four men, two vans to sit outside my house 24 hours a day for nearly a year. Why? Because they wanted to make me an example, they wanted to get me on camera, they only one they got on camera doing the yard work was my look alike sister! Ha! One day on the way to the doctor's they sandwiched my car between the two vans and tried to make me have another accident. The first one I was sitting at a traffic light that was red and was slammed in the rear at approx. 60 miles an hour by a drunk/drugie. To make matters worst, the insurance company had my x-rays and MRI's that showed the damage. I was lucky because I was young and healthy. So I do have distrust of insurance companies and their tactics.

    The Daily Show with Jon Steward had a woman on that was part of the conspiracy against the Health Care Bill, she was employed by an insurance industry group. Her name is Betsy McCaughey, Google her name and you will find that she was fired from that insurance group the day after Jon Steward made a complete and utter fool of her on the show. She lied about the death clause in the Health Care Bill among other aspects of the Bill. Jon Steward proved it on air, and she lost her job.

    The have's and the have's nots, that is the problem, the have's don't want the have nots to have what they have. ALL elected officials have free health care, the very best, but the ones that put them in office can't have the same?

    The comparison they want to use is Canada's health system, but there are other countries in which there are health plans that cover all of their citizens, and in some Scandinavian countries they go a step further. If a woman has a baby one of the parents gets 6 months of PAID leave from their jobs. Nice! See? That is how OUR money should be spent!!

    But we are willing to spend 100's of Trillions of our tax dollars on sending our young men and women off to other countries to be killed or return home handicapped physically and/or mentally. Those in Washington has their priorities a bit askew. Those that oppose the Health Care Plan should be exposed, they should show their financial records to the American People so we can see how much money the insurance industry has paid them to stop the Bill.

    I'm always for the underdog, for the American People, the working men and women, the ones that always seems to get the short end of the stick. And I can't understand why some Americans can continue to believe in lies from our elected officials. They lied to get the US into wars, and they are lying about the Health Care Plan.

    By Kaptainess, at 1:41 AM

  • Sorry @Kaptainess, but you're blaming the wrong parties. The insurance companies simply apply formulas based on risk. And that risk has skyrocketed due to the fact that the Democrat party is tied at the hip with the trial lawyers. They absolutely refuse to reform tort law in this country because it means losing too much money toward their re-election campaigns.

    You can take all that misguided anger toward insurance companies and point it directly at the Democrat party and the trial lawyers.

    It takes a mind cleared of political bias to see that as lawsuits went on the rise, all insurance costs rose substantially as well. It is the elephant in the room: everyone knows it, but only the side that is not getting substantial sums of money from the lawyers is trying to do anything about it.

    Bush tried to get tort reform trough congress, but he was blocked by the Democrats. That's why he then tried to put through the "trials" in parts of the country. The Democrats blocked that too. So now Obama brings it out at his speech as if he is doing something about the problem. He is not. It's a charade.

    By Todd, at 7:41 AM

  • Daddy Bush and Baby Bush - Please let me not get started on those two! Yikes! I could write a thesis on them!!

    By Kaptainess, at 10:32 AM

  • Still stuck on the Bushes? Must be sad. Time to move on.

    By Todd, at 10:49 PM

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