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This is what socialized health care will look like

This is the organization chart being proposed right now by Democrats in congress to control the government health plan (i.e., socialized medicine, socialism).

This is what they are trying to ram down our throats within weeks as the solution to fixing high health care costs.

This is shameful and wasteful, and those supporting this nightmare truly don't care what happens to their country.

Sorry, just telling it like it is.  If you don't agree, then frankly you don't understand it.  There is no rational explanation for it other than accumulating all power in a central government, exactly as all tyrannies around the world have done throughout history. 

Mark my words: the implementation of this socialized medicine plan will be one the primary linchpins that destroys this nation.  This will make the goverment-owned car companies (GM, Chrysler) look like peanuts in comparison. 

If you oppose anything, oppose this.

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  • Very scary stuff!! I've got a bad feeling this is going to go thru tho.

    By Shawn67, at 2:13 PM

  • I heard a rumor that if this happens Veterans health care services will be over with that all veterans will have to obtain individualized health care or that we will be phased out of the VA health care network and placed in the national health care system.

    By four4me, at 2:39 PM

  • Ugh...nice chart Todd. I'm not a republican, but I don't like the new healthcare system for other reasons. Mostly, I don't feel everyone is entitled to healthcare especially when they make choices to pay for cable over their premiums...but either way, I would appreciate it if someone could put this on a lower shelf for me and explain the chart in a PM. It seems a bit confusing.

    By DelmarvaChick, at 2:55 PM

  • @four4me: You are exactly right. The odd thing is the absolute silence from organizations like AARP. It just goes to show that at this point they are only interested in furthering liberal causes and they have no interest in protecting their members.

    The one group of people that will get hurt badly by socialize health care is the *elderly*. The way that ALL of these socialized programs work in all countries is that when the *government* decides that you are too old or too far gone to get more treatment, you get cut off. They basically decide that your life is not worth the cost of treatment, whether it's cost of drugs, cost of doctors, hospitals, hospice care, whatever.

    You can see it near the top of the chart I attached: there is a committee that is the sole arbiter of whether you are going to get treatment or not -- and when to cut you off. When you come right down to it, they are in control of your life. And this committee is made up of politicians and political appointees -- not doctors.

    So here's the super-scary part, and you have to know that this is where things are headed: Because the committee is made up of political appointees, the citizens who support the people in power could very easily be the ones who are approved for health care, and the ones in the other party will get the shaft. Are you a Democrat, and you think this is great because Obama is in charge? Well, that's a pretty short-sighted view, because eventually Republicans will be in charge -- no party remains in power forever. Are you sure you want to be at the mercy of Republicans in charge of your life? Republicans can view things the same way from the other side.

    This is why all of you who are so worried about "Republican-this" or "Democrat-that" are really missing the boat. It has nothing to do with a political party, and you should stop treating politics like a sports team that you root for. WHATEVER party you're supporting, this socialism is bad for the country, and it will hurt you -- badly -- in the end.

    If you want a Democrat in the White House and on every lever of power in the government, fine. But please don't make the terrible mistake of blindly supporting any person or political party while they wreck the very country you live in. Don't let ANYONE get away with this.

    By Todd, at 3:22 PM

  • Count me in as opposed, have read and heard too much about rationed and delayed health care under socialism. It's a perfect vehicle to legislate eugenics, and yes the elderly will get the shaft when we're no longer useful to the 'collective.'

    This planet is about free choice, not having choice removed by those who appoint themselves as gods.

    By konane, at 4:30 PM

  • I know people in Europe. We're screwed if this goes thru, remember we all get old.

    By jarasan, at 5:52 PM

  • Can you say "soylent green"

    By JAP69, at 7:31 PM

  • This is crazy! I oppose! What happened to "We the People?" This is a runaway train headed for a destroy the LAND of the FREE! We need to put aside our political differences. We are Americans! Wake up America...your choices are being made for you and your loved ones at lightening speed, so you won't know what hit you... before it HITS YOU!

    By Rubi 311, at 9:27 PM

  • @Rubi311: I wanted to raise an American flag when I read your comment, "We need to put aside out political differences." YES!!!

    By Todd, at 10:57 PM

  • Todd, when I raise my flag I don't see any elephants or donkeys. I see others who have fought and given their blood so that WE AMERICANS can enjoy the freedoms we have today. These freedoms are in grave danger at this time. I urge all Americans to pay attention to what is happening and let your voice be heard. United we stand, divided we fall.

    By Rubi 311, at 11:40 PM

  • If this goes through - we'll regret it quickly. Government is not known for running anything efficiently.

    By emilyg, at 12:24 AM

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