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$1 Trillion in new taxes on the way

A lesson in what is going on

This is what I have been saying for months.

The entire reason for this idiotic $2 Trillion in [non-]stimulus spending bills is for one reason alone:  To jack up taxes on some people, and to eliminate taxes on a little more than 50% of the people.

That ensures that those in power will stay in power — because they are giving the majority of the voters a free ride — while ransacking the other people and wrecking the economy in the process.

Ultimately, because it wrecks the economy, it ensures that the government will be able to take over private-sector business in order to provide "stability" (when they in fact created the instability), and then we are well down the road to socialism —perhaps so far down that road that we can't turn back.


I say the word "socialism", but if you look up the word "socialism", that is really not what is being created.  The real word is "fascism".

That's right, fascism.

Most people hear the word "fascism", and think it's some kind of curse word, because it has been mis-used for so long, and because Nazi Germany was considered a fascist state, the word "fascist" has become synonymous with "Nazi".

But the word "fascist" does not mean "Nazi", so put aside your pre-conceptions for a minute.

Fascism is defined as follows:

Fascists aim to create a single-party state in which the government is led by a dictator who seeks unity by requiring individuals to subordinate self-interest to the collective interest of the nation or a race.

That is exactly what is happening.  A single party is seeking to dominate the landscape by creating a dependent lower-class that consists of more 50% of the population, ensuring their votes since the government in power is essential to their survival.  (Or so they think.)

Every message from the party currently in power is that not paying exorbitant taxes is "selfish" — in other words, it is against "the common good".

And that, friends, is not Capitalism, it is Fascism.

Historians have long maintained that capitalist society tends to transform into a fascist society as the populace become complacent and allows the government to take over.  In other words, the citizens willingly hand over their freedoms to their government, piece-by-piece, until the government controls everything.

It is frightening to see just how quickly that transformation is accelerating, and it is being propelled by fear.  It is fear generated by the very person who campaign on a promise to eliminate the "politics of fear".  Every word from the man is the exact opposite of the true situation.

After he spends $2 trillion, he calls the deficit "inherited", and says that now he has to fix it by raising $1 trillion in new taxes.  Is everyone getting this?

And with the mainstream media in the bag, there is nobody to hold him accountable, and nobody to scrutinize everything he is doing.

This is frightening stuff.

This is what we should be afraid of, not a bunch of banks.


  • My grandchildren's children will be paying for this.

    By emilyg, at 1:46 PM

  • Not only that, but they will be living in a country that is nothing like it is today. Less freedom, less choice, more censorship, more restrictive, more propoganda, more lies.

    By Todd, at 1:54 PM

  • Lock step behind the European Union .... old system of royalty and serfs.

    By konane, at 2:04 PM

  • Yep if you make $250,000 a year your taxes will go up in 2011. But if you make less than that the taxes are in your favor.

    By Tenaj, at 3:17 PM

  • Don't spend your $13 all in one place Janet.   Plus, if you don't have a job, I don't think you'll care what the tax rate is.

    By Todd, at 3:27 PM

  • The only "increase" as Tenaj pointed out, is not an increase for over 95% of Americans. The plan is just going back to the pre-Bush administration tax brackets. I remember that even the people who were making over $250,000 and paying that small amount of additional tax were doing very well and weren't complaining! Now even rich people are losing their fortunes in the market and in real estate. Maybe that's why so many Republicans switched sides for the first time in their lives.

    Regarding the national debt, most of it was created over the past 8 years. Again, in the Clinton administration, we had a balanced budget. So why is everyone blaming the Democrats? It's like Jarasan's blog on health care on which I commented. Every single source (not political) show that privatization of Medicare after the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act cost taxpayers over $10 billion a year due to the administration fees by private insurers and the numerous overpayments and abuse. Not having a government watchdog allows greedy people to run wild and enjoy windfall profits while milking the public. Wall Street is a good example. Add the cost of the war in Iraq to that and I wonder why, before Obama was elected, the Republicans weren't so concerned about their children and grandchildren. I rarely heard this argument when so much debt was being racked up over the past 8 years and now they're all worried about what their loved ones with be inheriting.

    RE: "If you don't have a job" Funny, the unemployment rate in states like MI and FL were at an all time high before January 20.    Also, when that Joe The Plumber circus was in town, people cried "Socialism" and "he's a Marxist."   I guess my history professor was an idiot because I was taught that Fascism opposes giving any power to the people. Socialism encourages people to participate in government and get involved in their communities which creates self-empowerment. The former administration was one of the most secretive in modern history. The current administration has web sites & wants accountability for government spending. Pres Bush's first press conference was in Oct, a month after 9/11. Pres Obama has been in office 5 weeks and has had a televised news conference, a televised address to Congress. and weekly addresses which I download and watch. Fascist regimes censor, torture and spy on citizens and erode basic rights. Yes, there are some similarities between socialism & fascism, since both are anti-capitalism. However, the major difference not mentioned is the moral structure of one system to heal a failing nation by empowering its people vs the immoral erosion of basic rights to control them through fear, terror and exclusionism.

    By justxploring, at 4:24 PM

  • I repeat what I said before: if you make $250,000 a year - your taxes will go up in 2011. If you do not - it's in your favor.

    An annual tax cut is due to start showing up in workers' paychecks in April as well. No, $400 a year split up in paychecks is not a lot but the idea that 1/3 of your check won't go missing.

    It's about time for the rich to start paying rather than taking. The shoe is on the other foot.

    And there's one thing for sure - it's not frightening to me. It wouldn't be frightening if I made $250,000 a year because I will be glad to pay my share and welcome a fair playing ground.

    By Tenaj, at 4:31 PM

  • I'm waiting until the ones with offshore bank accounts are revealed. $250k today is worth vastly less in todays inflated dollars than when Clinton increased taxes.

    Oh by the way Clinton increased the debt ceiling to "balance the budget."

    Smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand fooling the gullible.

    By konane, at 5:00 PM

  • wow,are therich starting to squirm,funny.

    By scorpio, at 5:04 PM

  • Ahhhhh.....the magic of the $250,000 rich/poor cutoff. Tenaj and JX have nary an idea what a subchapter S corporation is, but JX and Tenaj may have heard of a 1040EZ, 1040A, or just plain old 1040. Most small businesses are claimed on individual returns using the subchapter S corp. self propreitary etc. bringing just about every small business into the tax increase. Do you know how many small businesses there are in America, and how many people are employed by small business? No you don't, look it up. Have you ever had employees working for your business? I doubt it, because your posts reflect the leftist rhetoric of class hate and division, like drones you repeat the tripe of the propanganda machine of the left. There is no free ride get over it.

    I also recommend you look at my response on the healthcare post yesterday:

    There is so much wrong with the math of the current adminstration's rammed thru. spending packages it will lower EVERYBODY'S standard of living, this is sickening. The out right bald face lying............ and they aren't getting called out on it by the idiot press. The earmark promise is a broken lie, on both sides there are both Dems and Repubs putting this crap in. I thought Obama was going to stop this on both sides but he is weak and has his own pork in this pig. I would've been with Obama if he vetoed this crap like HE SAID HE WOULD, but he lied! DUH! on that, but he blew it in less than 4 weeks!

    By jarasan, at 5:29 PM

  • jarasan, we've already posted the truth about the tax cut in another blog when the lie first can up long time ago. You backed down too. Proved your math wrong. You had put a twist on it. You look it up!

    By Tenaj, at 5:39 PM

  • Tenaj you mean this brilliant debunck:

    Tenaj writes:

    "The pubs always try to play people stupid. They think that all they have to do is twist facts collectively and it becomes truth. Their aim is at stupid people who don't know their facts are slanted and have an agenda.

    That's why they continue to do it even after there is no longer a pub party. That's right. No more Pub party!

    Why don't you post who will lead the Pub party now that they are SKUNK. Tsk tsk tsk Whine, Whine, Whine. You have to cut someone else down to make yourself feel better. Poor babies.

    Every week the Pubs have a new aim with the monkey wrench. Sometimes it's quite comical. It's like "let us throw this out there and run with this" And have the nerve to complain about the media. wow.

    It's a hate whining blog post and nothing else. Sore freaking arse losers.

    Ya'll need some salve to put on those wounds. And Like I said before GET OVER IT ALREADY. Obama could turn this country into gold and jarasan and a few other pubs will find something wrong with gold.   

    Thanks Justxploring. There were people who really was going to believe what jarasan posted. I guess that's the new monkey wrench this week."

    I thought I understood the monkey wrench comment but I was wrong the monkey in the cartoon is Nancy Pelosi. The only thing twisted is your hateful unsubstantiated rants.

    By jarasan, at 5:48 PM

  • I won't just say I told you so, But I did...! If people don't have their eye's open now with these new numbers he's thrown out, you never will, and you deserve everything that is going to happen in this country. The actor charmed his way into your life in as much as Clinton did and now you see where he's taking you. I hope you got your moneys worth for your vote, It shows...!

    By MADDOG10, at 5:51 PM

  • Can't wait to see how many of the "rich folks" are running around screaming about this. Oh yeah, none because they're alright....too busy sueing UBS to keep their names hidden regarding all that off shore money they've been stashing for half a century or more.

    Things that make you say hmmmmmm.

    By PeacefulMan, at 6:18 PM

  • jarasan, you just proved a point.

    By Tenaj, at 6:24 PM

  • What that you are an idiot?

    By jarasan, at 6:28 PM

  • jarasan, I'm an idiot to have anything else to say to you.

    By Tenaj, at 6:38 PM

  • I find it interesting how the handful of liberals that come and post trash in my comments never address the point of my blog entry. Sorry, going back to the same garbage you've been saying for the last eight years is pretty obvious and transparent ... and unworthy.

    You go on taking the class warfare bait.

    Or worse yet, the person or two who is implying that *I* am among "the rich" are just being asinine and ignorant. I could probably be better off if I didn't spend so much of my time working on this site for peanuts, so then again maybe I'm the stupid one.

    Try to get it through your head that I actually write about these things from the heart, based on the principle of a great country that I see being ruined before my eyes. Pick your head out of the muck and try thinking a rational thought.

    By Todd, at 8:07 PM

  • Todd, I really have no intention of "trashing" your comments, only responding from my heart as well. That is why I've aske dyou not to label me a liberal. We probably share a lot of viewpoints, since I do not believe in a one-size-fits all government, but the comments on this board are often so one-sided and extreme that it is difficult for me to express them. I write with utmost sincerity that I appreciate this board and the opportunity to post.

    Jarasan, I was going to say in response to your comment that I do not understand corporate structure "please don't insult me" but what's the point? So instead I'll just post a link that illustrates the facts if they matter to you at all. I know many wealthy business owners who make well over a million dollars a year but have an adjusted income of under $250,000 after deducting salaries, rent, expenses, etc.

    By justxploring, at 10:44 PM

  • @Justexploring: I would call your comments "liberal" because I can't remember a single time that you did not adopt the liberal side of a debate. I really wish those who talk from the heart on my blog would address the points of my blog entry, rather than trying to change the subject to their own unrelated comfort zone.

    I would love to hear how taking the money away from small businesses and American corporations is somehow going to *increase* jobs and government revenues.

    I would love to hear people address the point about Obama spending $2 trillion on useless programs and then the next day hold a "fiscal responsibility summit" and say that his most important task is to lower the deficit (that he just increased by $2 trillion).

    For that matter, I would love to hear someone address his comment in the State of the Union speech about he wants smaller government.

    Obama simply says what people want to hear, with absolutely no intention of doing what he says. In fact, he says things that are the exact opposite of reality.

    Just today his administration announced they would reinstate the assault weapons ban, after stating emphatically during the campaign that he would not modify the gun control laws.

    Up is down in Obamaland. The media is asleep. The country is slipping away with a smile on its face.

    By Todd, at 11:12 PM

  • JX the article you linked to is from the Obama Associated Press.......and it makes about 15 assertions that are incorrect, the entire article is spin, here is a part of the spin.

    "But critics reason that owners of many small companies report business income on their personal tax returns instead of filing corporate taxes. That exposes their business's earnings to Obama's higher tax rates on the wealthy.

    To be sure, some business owners would get caught in that net.

    But for one thing, most small businesses don't create jobs. They tend to be lawyers, accountants and other professionals who earn some of their money from partnerships or otherwise organize themselves as a business entity.

    As well, many small businesses with employees don't earn enough to put their owners over the threshold for the higher tax rates.

    Indeed, most of them — like Joe the Plumber of presidential campaign fame — would probably get Obama's tax break for the middle class."

    Of course they bring up Joe the Plumber, right? Since they probed Joe we know he didn't have a small business, right? The biggest lie in this article is that small businesses don't create jobs, and that most small businesses are accountants, lawyers, and other professionals (who are these other professionals?). Also, he states as fact that most small businesses with employees don't have their owners make over 250K? What?   

    To be sure as Calvin Woodward states that what he wrote is a fact, in fact it isn't. What really is funny is that the bias of "news" outlets like AP eventually will be censored by those whom they put into power. Yahoo is left of center field, as in 50 yds. left of third base and their reporting reflects it perfectly.

    By jarasan, at 7:27 AM

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