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First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants

The article posted by Konane in July actually understates Michelle Obama's apparent need to raise an army in the White House.

The Canada Free Press apparently posted a follow-up article that raises the size of Michelle Obama's army of staff/servants to 26.

Why in the world would any first lady need 26 people?  This is ludicrous.  Why are the Obamas going around saying how they are concerned with government spending when the first lady alone has more employees than most small businesses?  It's a crock, and everyone knows it — even if they won't admit it.

This is angering.  Here's the article.

First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants

"In my own life, in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much," she said. "See, that's why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service,"— Michelle Obama.

We were wrong.

Michelle Obama, as we reported on July 7, is not served by twenty-two attendants who stand by to cater to her every whim.

She is served by twenty-six attendants, including a hair dresser and make-up artist.

The annual cost to taxpayers for such unprecedented attention is approximately $1,750,000 without taking into account the expense of the lavish benefit packages afforded to every attendant.

Little did American voters realize the call for "change" would result in the establishment of an Obama oligarchy.

The discovery of the additional attendants was made by D'Angelo Gore of and by calls to Katie McCormick Lelyyeld, Michelle Obama's press secretary.

Mr. Gore launched his investigation of the First Lady's staff in the wake of an article that appeared on and Canada Free Press on July 7.

The article, which became a chain letter viewed by millions of Americans, reported that Michelle Obama requires more than twenty attendants — more than any First Lady in U.S. History. It provided the following list of White House staff members assigned to the First Lady:

  1. $172,2000 - Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)
  2. $140,000 - Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)
  3. $113,000 - Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary)
  4. $102,000 - Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the First Lady)
  5. $102,000 - Winter, Melissa E. (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
  6. $90,000 - Medina, David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
  7. $84,000 - Lelyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)
  8. $75,000 - Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)
  9. $70,000 - Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Projects for the First Lady)
  10. $65,000 - Burnough, Erinn J. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
  11. $65,000 - Reinstein, Joseph B. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
  12. $62,000 - Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)
  13. $60,000 - Fitts, Alan O. (Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director for the First Lady)
  14. $60,000 - Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)
  15. $52,500 - Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary To The First Lady)
  16. $50,000 - Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide To The First Lady)
  17. $45,000 - Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)
  18. $45,000 - Tubman, Samantha (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)
  19. $40,000 - Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
  20. $36,000 - Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)
  21. $36,000 - Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)
  22. $36,000 - Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)

Readers throughout the country expressed outrage that Mrs. Obama would hire an unprecedented number of staffers in the midst of the Great Recession.

Sample comments from the hundreds of letters that poured into Canada Free Press are as follows:

Alan from Utah:

"The sad part is that after billions spent "stimulating" the economy, the list of new staffers for the wife of our pretend president represents the only new jobs that have been created. We're screwed."

Laurie from Texas:

"....and not a one of those attendants can help her find something decent to wear...pathetic waste of taxpayer money....."

Terry from Colorado:

"This is from the family that supports a government run health care system. If they can't control the spending inside the White House, how can we believe they can save money elsewhere?"

Lanette from California:

"This is OBAMANABLY!!!! I've been laid off....wonder if she will hire me?"

Bobby from Shanksville:

"I didn't see anyone listed who wipes her ####."

Lyle from Ilinois:

"This is a crime. I am sure not one of those aides comes close to earning what they are paid. How could they? What is there for them to do? I can't believe Michelle will end up being a great first lady regardless how many aides she has. How will she ever survive at the end of his four-year term when she has to go back to being a civilian again. No way will the government pay for all these lackies for a civilian, no matter how hard she may try to make it happen. I recall a high school English teacher saying "like begets like" and it sure shows up with the Obama couple. They're both in it for as much as they can get for themselves."

Michelle from Michigan:

How can my nephew, who has been out of work for almost a year, get a job on Michelle's staff? The pay is better than anything available here and he is colleged educated.

Betty from Pennsylvania:

My husband and I have worked hard all our lives. We are people of integrity. And yet when I read of spending like this my blood boils. How dare she use my hard-earned money like this. How dare she take advantage of her position. She did not earn her position because of who she is or how hard she has worked. I don't know how she can sleep at night. Somehow, we need to get this President out of office before we lose all our rights.

The allegations within the July 7 article seemed so outrageous that many readers questioned their accuracy.

Does Mrs. Obama have an unprecedented number of staffers in a time when 34 million Americans — a record number — rely on food stamps to feed their families?

The answer, as D'Angelo Gore of discovered, is yes.

When questioned by Mr. Gore, Katie McCormick Lelyveld, Michelle Obama's press secretary, said that the First Lady does retain a staff of more than twenty who remain at her beck and call. But the actual number is 24, not 22, as the article reported.

Mrs. Lelyyeld failed to provide the names of the two additional attendants to Mrs. Obama. But she did confirm that six staffers who do not have "first lady" in their title but are a part of the First Lady's office staff, such as Desiree Rogers, who bears the title "Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary," and Natalie Bookey, who is listed as a "staff assistant."

What's more, even a list of 24 would be incomplete since it would fail to include the names of makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles, 49, and "First Hairstylist" Johnny Wright, 31, both of whom travel aboard Air Force One and provide Mrs. Obama with daily attention.

This adds up to a whopping $1,600,700.00 and the amount doesn't include the elite benefit packages granted to the White House staff and their significant others (include same-sex partners). Nor does the figure take into account the salaries for the two additional full-time staff members mentioned by Mrs. Obama's Press Secretary nor the full time hair-dresser and makeup artist assigned to her. A guesstimate of the total salaries for Mrs. Obama's attendants is $1,750,00.00 plus the additional benefits.

For comparison, let's remember that poor Bess Truman and Mamie Eisenhower had to shell out the salaries for 5 of their personal secretaries from their own pocketbooks. Stephen Plotkin, reference archivist for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, says that Jacqueline Kennedy's office was "headed" by one person who supervised a staff of approximately nine full and part time workers (including the White House cooks and chambermaids).

Kim Coryat, an archives technician at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, says that it is difficult to nail down a precise count of staff because "White House staffing for all offices ebbs and flows with time." But she points out that a White House telephone directory indicates that Hillary Clinton had a staff of thirteen in 1993 — this is telling since Mrs. Clinton intended to serve as a co-executive in the Oval Office by spearheading a health care reform program.

Laura Bush was far from a fiscal conservative during her time in the White House and, like her husband, served to bloat the White House budget. A list of Mrs. Bush's staff attendants is as follows:

  1. McBride, Anita B. assistant to the president and chief of staff to the first lady $168,000.00
  2. Harder, Cherie S. Special assistant to the president for domestic policy and director of project of the first lady $108,000.00
  3. Niemiec, Sally M. Press secretary to the First Lady $90,000.00
  4. Miller, Sonja M. Deputy chief of staff to the first lady $84,700.00
  5. Ballard, Deanna M. Director of scheduling for the First Lady $75,000.00
  6. Underwood, Carrie P. Deputy director of policy and projects for the First Lady $65,000.00
  7. Wallace, Charity N. Director of advance for the First Lady $65,000.00
  8. Marshall, Misty C. Director of correspondence for the first lady $59,700.00
  9. Etter, Marisa L. Deputy director of scheduling for the First Lady $50,000.00
  10. King, Kristin N. Deputy director of advance for the first lady $50,000.00
  11. Lineweaver, Lindsey M. Special assistant and personal aide to the first lady $47,500.00
  12. Rawson, Kimberly D. Executive assistant to the chief of staff to the First Lady $46,200.00
  13. Donoghue , Tarah C. Deputy press secretary to the First Lady $43,000.00
  14. Vogel, Campbell B. Deputy director of correspondence for the First Lady $42,500.00
  15. Block, Jonathan F. assistant press secretary to the First Lady $39,000.00

This amounts to a total of $1,083,700.00. Laura was no piker when it came to spending. But she pales in comparison with Miz Michelle, who requires eight to ten additional attendants at an extra cost to taxpayers of $700,000 and change — the only change American taxpayers can believe in.


  • At one point Laura Bush had as many as 24 attendants

    maybe Michelle just wanted to go on record as having more attendants than Laura.

    I wonder throughout colonial times if first lady's didn't have even more than them.

    One the Internet is says that Betty Ford had 28 attendants.

    By four4me, at 1:08 PM

  • Right, as the article states, the Bushes had big spending problems too, but nothing like the Obamas.

    I don't trust Wikipedia to have the most accurate information, especially knowing that they are politically biased, but even if it is true, right out of the gate Michelle Obama has two more. However, the article author did some pretty in-depth research, speaking with the actual participants, so it's probably a more trustworthy source that Wikipedia in any case.

    By Todd, at 1:56 PM

  • so what 26, i am sure she is within the guide lines as to how many she could have,this is America the money is there for it,trust me.

    By thegee, at 4:55 PM

  • There are no "guidelines" at all. We actually expect our elected officials to act reasonably. These people are not doing so, which is the reason the article was written in the Canadian newspaper.

    Too bad we don't have an independent news media in the USA who would do this kind of investigation. How embarrassing that it takes a Canadian newspaper to expose bad behavior of our elected officials. And the unelected ones like Michelle Obama.

    Another thing: the money is NOT there. To anyone following this mess, the country is now *trillions* of dollars in debt, thanks to their runaway spending. There's a reason the worldwide markets are now actively seeking to get off the US dollar standard: they don't see the US economy as being worthwhile of their investment.

    I understand that many people don't pay attention to these things or even care, but believe me when I say it DOES matter.

    By Todd, at 5:45 PM

  • So what! Before bashing Michelle Obama remember other first ladies have enjoyed this privelege...and some were not "Moms". or maybe it is because this is something not reserved for a black woman.....

    By Ms. Pat, at 5:50 PM

  • *OMG*, not the black/white thing again. That didn't take long. I guess nobody can criticize either Obama without being called racist, huh?

    By Todd, at 6:19 PM

  • If we all had 26 servants there wouldn't be 17% unemployment.   Oh I forgot! I am a slave! I am a slave to paying taxes. I am a slave paying for the servants that serve our 1st. lady, and a slave to paying the salaries of all these miserable hypocritical fascists and all other takers of the peoples' taxes.   Disgusting.

    Where is the CHANGE? You can hope all day but nothing has changed,   OBAMA change = zero change, actually if any of you are math whizzes I'd call it: negative change.

    By jarasan, at 6:44 PM

  • 17% unemployment, unprecedented foreclosures, the other shoe hasn't dropped yet in commercial foreclosures. Someone pointed out in another blog the only reason we're not seeing soup lines is food stamps. I'm not sure what part of Obama plunging the economy down the flush hole people can't grasp.

    Meanwhile nose-bleed-altitude-elitist spend like there is no tomorrow. Do as I say .... not as I do ... by the way you're picking up the tab and there's nothing you can do about it.

    BTW Obama had not calculatingly and deliberately sent the economy to Hades into The Great Depression II when Laura Bush was First Lady.

    By konane, at 8:21 PM

  • While the pompas arses jet sets around the globe, looking like they just came out of wally-world and with an enterage of flunkies following behind them looking for the " hope and change " to follow up with another lie, everyone who voted for them are now asking themselves why ?.

    I don't care if he's brown, blue, grey, white, or purple his color doesn't dictate how to dress like a fool, nor will it make him get out of this mess.

    Yes, we were in a recession before, but this jackel is pushing us into depression, so all you nay sayers tell me where the change is ????

    Yah Hooo, we's all moving up to the East side. Hope and Change told me so....!

    By MADDOG10, at 9:41 PM

  • It never ceases to amaze me how a President with less than 1 year in office is guilty of destroying our economy and any thing else folks can lay on him. If Michelle has 50 servants, that is their business. I think most folks are mad because they didn't get their "stimulous checks" this year. That alone is probably one of the biggest reasons we are in financial difficulty. Heck, Bush paid people to vote for him and they did. He gave them 600 bucks a me..that is expensive and not once but as often as he could and whther they deserved it or not.

    By Littleoldlady, at 10:13 PM

  • The perpetrators of Socialism always preach equality and "for the greater good" of the collective. But they themselves always continue in luxury and lavish lifestyles. The leaders of the USSR use to go out once a year for a photo op and dig a ditch just to show they were like everybody else. But rest asured that evening they were eating cavier, drinking the vodka and smoking the finest Cuban cigars.
    @littleoldlady--I disagree. No, 50 servants or 26 servants are paid by the tax payers, and those struggling to pay a mortgage, and put food on the table. The stimulous check at least went to the people to boost the economy. This administration gives our money to international bankers, illegal Czars, and all the frills and trips they can think up. And they seem to have no shame about it whatsoever. Remember Jimmy Carter tv spots in front of the fireplace with a sweater on? He at least was trying to set a good example for ppl to conserve and save on energy. Obama seems to have not a clue about what the average American is going through. They could have paid off every mortgage in the country for what they have handed over to the bankers. BO is obviously their puppet.

    By TigerAngel, at 11:12 PM

  • @Littleoldlady: It is not "her business". Obama is a public servant, and his wife is not even elected, for crying out loud. Those people WORK FOR US, and they are supposed to be accountable for their actions.

    I suppose next year you'll be saying "he's only two years in, give him a break". In four years it will be "he's only finished his first term."

    When are you going to stop making excuses for these people? Did you give Bush the same excuses ("only his first year"), or did you hate him right from the start?

    We did not elect a king and queen. These people were elected to SERVE US, and they are being recklessly irresponsible with the trust given to them. The nebulous "change" mantra has produced nothing but empty speeches and a much worse political climate than existed before.

    The "change" is bad-to-worse, not a change for the better.

    Obama has succeeded only in further deepening the rift between people in this country. He has NOT brought more transparency to government (his promise), he has NOT listened to his opponents in the other party (his promise, and he has not spoken with them for months, despite the many ideas they are trying to get him to listen to), he has NOT brought down unemployment or "saved jobs" (his promise was that by spending $1 trillion in "stimulous", it would reach a top unemployment rate of 8% - it's now 9.8%), he has NOT made sure that all legislation is available on the Internet at least 3 days before a vote (his promise), he has NOT had all debates on health reform on C-SPAN (his promise), .... and the list could go on and on.

    What exactly has he achieved in the first year? Nothing I can think of. We are not safer -- we nearly had a second 9/11 last month and the war in Afrganastan is much worse and more deadly than under Bush. We are not heading in the right direction with the economy -- unemployment continues to rise, and now they are talking about doubling-down on our multi-trillion dollar debt with a second "stimulous". We are not a more united country. There has been no major legislation that helps us in any meaningful way -- and especially nothing that he has spearheaded. He couldn't even get us out of the first round of voting in the Olympics, despite making a speech in person and sending his wife (with all of her servants).

    By Todd, at 8:59 AM

  • It never ceases to amaze me how a President with less than 1 year in office is guilty of destroying our economy and any thing else folks can lay on him. If Michelle has 50 servants, that is their business. I think most folks are mad because they didn't get their "stimulous checks" this year. That alone is probably one of the biggest reasons we are in financial difficulty. Heck, Bush paid people to vote for him and they did. He gave them 600 bucks a me..that is expensive and not once but as often as he could and whther they deserved it or not.

    By Littleoldlady, at 10:13 PM
    Littleoldlady, what cookie jar have you been raiding ? What do you mean if She has 50 servants, it's their business.....>>>>>   What ????. Excuse me, but they work for us not the other way around.

    And, Bush paid for your vote ? How could he pay for your vote when he was a lame duck president on the way out. You got a stimulas check and you thought he was paying you off ???? Well, if you got more than one (1) you cheated a lot of hard working folks out of their money now didn't you ...

    By MADDOG10, at 11:40 PM

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