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Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard


  • I don't like that already. People are doing less and less for themselves and this makes us even more dependent. Try again Apple.
    ~ Peace ~

    By PeacefulMan, at 10:13 PM

  • It is big satire piece -- meant to be FUNNY, not a real product! Personally I thought it was just hysterical, but maybe that's because I'm a geek at heart....

    By Todd, at 11:02 PM

  • i love computers but i needs my keyboard i dont got time for searching nothing.

    By ladidiamondc, at 1:51 AM

  • Kids would be the first to learn to use it proficiently if they ever do release it.

    By konane, at 2:02 PM

  • Is nobody getting this??? IT'S COMEDY!!

    This is HUMOR!

    No real a real product!

    By Todd, at 2:40 PM

  • LOL @ "sudoku killer" teaser

    By time*treat, at 5:06 PM

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