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McCain speech sets new record, despite being on fewer channels than Obama's

"Substance trumps hype"

Nearly 39 million people watched Republican presidential candidate John McCain's acceptance speech on the closing night of the GOP convention Thursday in St. Paul, Minn. That broke the week-old convention record of upwards of 38 million viewers set by Sen. Barack Obama only the week before.

Sen. McCain amassed an audience of 38.9 million viewers for his speech on two fewer channels than were carrying Sen. Obama's speech Aug. 28 to 38.38 million viewers, according to data from Nielsen Media Research.

In addition to the three broadcast networks and three cable news networks carrying both closing speeches, Sen. Obama's speech was carried live by BET and TV One, which target African American audiences, as well as Spanish-language Telemundo and Univision. Sen. McCain's speech was carried by Telemundo and Univision.

Sen. McCain's audience dwarfed the 25.57 million who tuned in for President Bush's acceptance speech on closing night, Sept. 4, in 2004.


  • The spanish speaking radio talk shows in this area are abuzz with positive remarks for McCain/Palin!

    The other interesting thing is that there is a very positive reaction from the international commentary that I have seen regarding Sen. McCain and his choice for VP specifically, the Brits, Aussies, French, German, Spanish, etc.,

    By jarasan, at 8:22 PM

  • yeah,and now palin is getting same attacks that hilliary got from democrats and republicans.

    By scorpio, at 9:29 PM

  • Yes she is. Sexism rears it's ugly head again.

    By emilyg, at 11:22 PM

  • The part that really *floors* me is when feminists attack Palin. What in the world is THAT about? Heck, Palin even makes *me* feel proud for women, so to see people who supposedly stand up for women attacking her -- that's just wrong.

    I cannot believe the questions and criticisms Palin is getting from around the media and from "pundits". They have no shame. In this day and age, to openly wonder if a woman can have a family and a career, and do both successfully, is beyond the pale.


    This is a woman is rose up from obscurity, raised a wonderful family, entered public life -- as the member of a PTA, out of a desire to help fix the school system -- and following a successful stint went on to be elected to her town council, then Mayor, and then Governor of her state. Every step of the way she reformed, blew the whistle, and held people accountable for their corruption, regardless of their affiliation or political party. Then she was selected to run for Vice President of the United States of America. Somehow, I doubt that will be the end of the story for Sarah Palin. Her star is still on the rise.

    Sarah Palin is bright, articulate, unflappable, and courageous. Hers is an inspirational story they would create movies about. It is a story we should all tell to our daughters, and every time they doubt themselves, share it again.

    Now some very cynical people want to shut down that story because they worry that it is so inspirational and exciting, that people will want to vote for her ticket.

    I'm sorry, but you don't shut down a story like that. It will come through and triumph in the end. In America, the power of optimism, when wielded by a passionate soul, is too strong to contain.

    By Todd, at 1:39 AM

  • Just remember they were about 84,000 in the sports arena actually listening to Obama's speach--How much crowd did Mccin/Parlin had?

    By mazie789, at 9:56 AM

  • Read some disparaging remarks about Palin by of all people Gloria Steineim in her column. Shame on her!!!!

    Does Steineim only approve of women who mostly appeal to women, rather than Palin who crosses gender gaps?

    By konane, at 11:02 AM

  • The Dems. use double standards, lies, and hypocrisy that is all. Feminism and liberalism are a hoax, I'll just point out again that the political party of true inclusion is the Republican party, I learned this a long time ago.

    The Democratic political machine is all about who you know and "fitting in" to their mold of talking points. I couldn't tell you who the Democratic puppetmasters are now, but whoever they are they are out after this election, I got a feeling it is the Soros and company (follow the money).

    I have a suggestion for all of you that have fallen under the spell of the false promises and lies the Dems. have been feeding you, LEAVE THE DEMS., and instead of hoping for change for yourselves or what they will give you, think of what is best for the country. The Dems haven't delivered anything in 40 years!

    Remember "COUNTRY FIRST!".

    By jarasan, at 11:09 AM

  • @mazie789: I'm sure they had however many could fit into their venue.

    Conventions are made-for-TV events. They are not done for the people attending, they are done to attract viewers on TV. Every single person who attends a Republican or Democrat convention is already going to vote for that candidate. (With the exception of the Code Pink screamer at the Republican convention.) So whether 1 person shows up or 100,000 show up, that really doesn't matter.

    Obama held his speech in the outdoor stadium to make it seem important on TV, not so more people could watch it in person. (Palin's comment about the styrofoam columns was priceless.)

    The entire election centers on what the people in the middle will do -- the people who have trouble making up their minds about who to vote for. Higher ratings equals more interest, which is the reason television ratings are so important. They are an indication of peoples' interest.

    I think it's pretty amazing that within a single week, a little ole' small-town mayor from Wasilla, Alaska could spark so much interest that McCain's speech drew higher ratings than Obama's. If she were not on the ticket, he probably would have gotten 10 million fewer viewers.

    Most women around the country are swelling with pride, but unfortunately some women actually look upon her with animosity, and have attacked her for the very accomplishments that the women's movement has claimed to strive for: career + family -- "having it all".

    By Todd, at 11:24 AM

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