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Middle Name Nonsense

Here's my take on Barack Hussein Obama.  (Eek, I just said his middle name!)

I guess some anti-Obama people (they exist on both the left and the right) are pointing out his middle name because they feel some residual stigma may be attached to Obama when people hear it.

Yesterday, Michelle Obama came out and said that nobody should be saying his middle name, and called it the "ultimate fear bomb."

Does anyone else find this wacky?

Michelle Obama is basically saying that saying "Hussein" is like saying the "N" word.

The really weird thing is that presidents' middle names are spoken all the time.

How many times did the press write and say, "George Herbert Walker Bush".  I mean, they just LOVED saying all four words, as if it made him either seem like a wuss or someone who was handed everything in life — even an extra middle name!

Notice how the press was hoping that some stigma would be attached to "Herbert Walker".  Now the same people (and Michelle Obama) is aghast that people are mentioning "Hussein".

Intelligent people don't need to be told that middle names don't matter.  Only people who already know who they're voting for care about this kind of thing, because they are to the point where they allow themselves to mentally slur a person for having a superficial quality like "Hussein" or "Herbert Walker" as a middle name.

When a candidate's wife equates her husband's middle name with an "ultimate fear bomb", people start to think, "Thou dost protest too much."  And that, not the original stating of the candidate's middle name, is what can change minds about a candidate.


  • Hussein means "handsome one". I thought it translated to another name like Harold, Henry, Herbert, Horace, Howard, etc. one of the H names. So maybe they should refer to him as Barry "The Handsome" Old Alabama.

    On a side note the lib candidates have to many rules, that everybody needs to abide by, even McCain is getting ridiculous. This is what we get when we let the media choose the candidates. I think these are the weakest presidential candidates in a long time. Presidential races used to be fun, the media, polls, and pundits have really put the kabash on the whole thing. I can't get fired up about anything about any of these candidates.

    OMG, you used his middle name, gimme a break, OK, McCain's is Sydney, And Hillarys is Diane. The depth of these candidates is profoundly shallow, they haven't said a thing of susbstance since they were chosen by the media primaries.

    By jarasan, at 10:01 AM

  • You're right, and I agree about the candidates being the weakest in a long time. That's why I believe in the end that McCain will win -- because he's the only one of the three who has actually done something. The "change" mantra is already wearing very thin, and the Democrat candidate has not even been chosen yet. People are beginning to ask exactly what changes will be taking place, and they're not getting any substantive answers. Probably because if they did hear the real answer they would be quite shocked.

    By Todd, at 10:22 AM

  • if it comes down to mccain and obama....i'm going to vote for john mccain.this obama has no experience and its like handing the keys to a brand new ferrari to a sixteen year old who just got his learners permit with no curfew.

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 11:07 AM

  • Regardless of whom get elected it's almost a given that very few election promises will get taken care of, in fact it's quite the opposite many times what they say they will not do is usually what they have to do. IE: no more new taxes YEA RIGHT!

    Non of these candidates has the right stuff for this term hence we are stuck to making the best choice for whomever gets the nomination. It's gonna be a rough ride folks.

    By four4me, at 11:44 AM

  • Nobody should be judged by his/her name, appearance, race or religion. However, politicians are often elected by emotion, not common sense. In a survery, people were asked how they'd feel if passengers on a plane were dressed in Islamic clothing and most said they'd be nervous. So, in this case, I wonder if she's trying to appeal to those on the fence who like him, but are wondering if some of the ridiculous rumors have some truth in them. Even if he were Muslim, it doesn't mean he's a terrorist or wouldn't be a good president. Still, did anyone here see (great movie) No Way Out with Kevin Costner?

    That said, I wish none of these candidates were running and America had a better choice (although out of the top 4, I prefer Senator Clinton) To me, saying I hope one of these guys won't be our next president is like saying I hope we only get hit by a small asteroid this time.

    By justxploring, at 12:52 PM

  • No Way Out is a great movie with a fantastic ending.

    By Todd, at 1:20 PM

  • The media's other choice is to focus on his voting record and the bills he has put forth. They are actually doing a favor for him (and a disservice to the rest of us)

    By time*treat, at 3:31 PM

  • I agree Time*Treat - especially that poverty bill.

    By Tenaj, at 4:00 PM

  • I think it's wacky, Todd. This whole election is wacky.   I think Michelle is just whining and don't have a better solution to getting around the stigma of her husband's name.

    There's a lady named Tina Seldom Cash that draw the NC numbers and for some reason I get this "jinxy" feeling that she is bad luck because her name is "Seldom Cash".

    By Tenaj, at 2:30 PM

  • Tenaj....that's a riot! LOL
    There's a dentist with the last name Payne. Would you want to get your tooth filled by Dr. Payner? There are a lot of people named Hitler too, I wonder if one of them could get elected?

    By justxploring, at 4:42 PM

  • What's in a name? You'd be surprised. In the Bible, it is said that Yahweh changed some people's names because they had one meaning and He wanted to relay a different meaning. Nothing's changed - names still have meaning. Albeit today there may not be much focus on this in this material, physical reality - I believe that there definitely is in the spiritual reality.

    There's a reason for everything that occurs in our universe and in our world - and that includes the reason why we were given the names that we have. Whether it's for good or ill, only time will tell. My father gave me an Holy Arabic name - he said he just liked it. I've never been to Saudia Arabia and I don't think I would want to go because as fiercely independent as I am, I'd probably get arrested for not wearing a head covering and not having a male's permission to be out. Not only that, I''d probably punch the daylights out of some 'religious police' who tried to stick his nosy nose in my personal affairs. Therefore, I pray often in spirit for those women who suffer under such draconian laws and slowly but surely, they are beginning to change.

    By Avid Playa, at 4:17 PM

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