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The final word on politics at Lottery Post for a long time

Now that the election is over, Lottery Post will revert to its previous policy of non-political blogs.

Since it's my site, I'll post the final political post.

(If you pay for your own site, you can have the final say on it, but I pay for this site, so it's my prerogative.)

The election is over, and the final question is, does anyone who voted for the winner really understand what they were voting for, or do they even understand the very basic issues of this country?

I'll let the following video sort that question out.


I will not be saying a word to anyone about the deletion of political posts.  Since some people get extremely hyper about politics, I will not be drawn intro a situation of chaos and mindless bashing.

The first political post to the blogs will get silently deleted.  The second one gets deleted too, but then the person won't be able to post anymore.  Yes, that is what it takes to get people to stop, and that is so sad.


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