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Liberal tolerance


  • The commentary is good, the angry people owe everything they have to the one candidate that will support the free market system that allows them to speak so freely. It ain't Barryobiden.

    The quote that comes to mind is from Luke 23.34 it goes like this "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots."

    Those people have no reason to be so angry, it is downright ugly. This is what leftists do, they don't allow for differing views, this is what America wants? America has no idea what they are going to get from Barry, they are going to regret it, if he manages to fool enough of us. He is promising an APPLE, the apple is from a tree of leftists that wants to take your individuality and freedoms away.

    By jarasan, at 2:47 PM

  • I just can't understand what it is about being liberal that makes all the people in that video so filled with hatred. It is a slimy, vile attitude that I cannot imagine feeling.

    By Todd, at 7:45 PM

  • I don't think liberalism does this, that is why I refer to the current version of the democratic party as dem/leftist/communist/fascist. What has happened over the years, is a radicalization of the party.   It is quite simple, instead of original thought for improving the country and coming up with new ideas, the meek (the liberals) have relegated control of the party to the leftist radicals. The leftist radicals have no original ideas, because they navigate from the writings of people like Alinsky, Marx, and Zaheer. I saw this happening, starting in the seventies.

    What they learn from the Marxist teachings as far as gaining control of a populace is to take control by any means.   They basically use our democratic system to their advantage, to cheat the people, and they do it without them even knowing it is happening to them.

    They leftists infiltrate the schools, the govt., the media, the local govts, the military, the businesses, the unions, on and on. They are preying right now on the ignorance of the general public, and may possibly pull this one off.   

    AADD is real, American attention defecit disorder, if more than half of this country doesn't see the socialism coming they deserve it. Socialism is a failed experiment, communism is a failed experiment, yet they think it is going to work here (the leftists do anyway).

    Look at Europe 10%-15% unemployment. Cuba c'mon, Venezuela, North Korea, China (the Chinese are destroying the environment in lieu of propping up the communist system, if unemployment there goes up, they are done). The experiments failed why go thru it again!

    If we have Barry, Joe, Harry and Nancy with a dem/leftist congress we are in for a rough 30 years.

    People don't understand how hard it is going to be to undo the damage this could cause!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liberal influence is a thing of the past in the dem/leftist party. The anger you see on that video is a direct result of the propanganda they are fed, read, see, and believe.   The video is reminiscent of the civil rights marches where the angry people are the violent angry racists and the people marching are the people seeking equal rights and the same freedoms. Those New Yorkers are disgusting and they should be ashamed of their behavior, I also know that most of America is not like that.

    By jarasan, at 9:05 PM

  • Saw the video ... no excuse for rude behavior, although they clearly show the venom they've ingested has poisoned them to the depth of their being.

    By konane, at 11:14 PM

  • Forgot to add this well done piece:

    "Crush the Obamedia narrative: Look who’s “gripped by insane rage”

    By konane, at 11:16 PM

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