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Take 5 minutes and watch this

A heartwarming video put together by a 16-year-old girl


AFTER you watch that video, watch this one:



  • Todd - Thank you for posting this - If this doesn't bring a tear to your eyes, then there's something wrong with you...God bless our armed forces !!

    Beautiful said Lizzie Palmer !!

    By Lucky, at 4:55 PM

  • Everyone should watch this! brilliant!
    Ms. Pat

    By Ms. Pat, at 10:31 PM

  • Wow!!!

    By Lucky Star, at 9:46 AM

  • Todd i was so touched and sadden by this flim that i feel all of my problems is petty,i will pray for the Families,This has taught me a true meaning to life,Never complain,I think i will rethink everything and every issue that now seem so unimportant,A beautiful but yet sad reminder of Life's crisis and situations that devastates us all durning wartime,God Bless The Families,,,,Delores247

    By delores247, at 4:48 PM

  • thats deep iam at work crying

    By blessing$, at 2:35 PM

  • Todd, thank you so much for posting that. That truely touched my heart and touched me truely deeply as my sister is currently serving in Iraq. God bless all of our fine men and women there and God bless the young woman who put together that truely moving piece of artwork.

    By MIlottoplayer, at 2:43 PM

  • Todd that is the most heartfelt 5 mins you could offer any person in america. God bless alllllllllllllllll our soldiers. DLD

    By dld1961, at 1:01 AM

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