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Katie Couric is laughably bad

It has been a LONG time since I sat and watched one of the network news programs (i.e., NBC, CBS, ABC), but since tonight is the debut of Katie Couric on CBS, I thought I'd check it out.

In fact, she's on right now, and I've watched the first 12 minutes.

Here's my take on things after 12 minutes:

  • Katie Couric is horrible as a news anchor.  Even her appearance is disturbing.  She was always "cute" on the Today show, but whatever she's done to make herself look "serious" failed miserably.
  • She has no idea how to segue between stories.  It's jarring how she's talking about one thing, and then without even taking a breath she is suddenly talking about something completely different.  A half-decent news anchor can make the transition with some kind of hint of verbal cue to the viewers, but she just rolls along, reading the script.  Yes, she just reads and reads off that TelePrompTer.
  • I guess I've been watching the unbiased news (i.e., real "hard" news) at Fox News too long, because I totally forgot just how incredibly biased all the "news" stories are on broadcast TV.  In the very first 10 minutes, Katie sat down with an ultra-liberal New York Times (!) reporter to discuss the topic of the war on terror, and Iraq and Afghanistan.  The "lucky" viewer got to listen to a ranting liberal — in the same vein as a fringe nut like Michael Moore — describe how we have basically failed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how people around the world hate the United States, and how it is President Bush's fault.  Yes, I know that many fringe liberal people think all those things, but that is a damn opinion, not something that belongs in the first 10 minutes of a hard news program!!  Meanwhile Katie just sat listening, and did not offer a single challenge to anything said!  I guess she felt that it was fact also.  (It's widely known that the liberal evening news programs get their talking points from the New York Times.)
  • Now the program is finished (as I write this).  There was almost no real news.  The only news story I saw was something about a big oil find in the Gulf of Mexico.  The general interest story about kids' portraits at the end was not news, so it doesn't count.
  • The biggest "news story" (definitely deserves to be in quotes) was a Jane Fonda moment, when a news reporter donned a burqua and hung out with the Taliban as they prayed and showed off a few weapons laying in the dirt.  According to the news reporter, the pathetic little gathering of miscreants in the middle of the desert meant that THE TALIBAN IS BACK, AND THE UNITED STATES IS LOSING!  The woman breathlessly reported that this group of roughly 20 people was a mere 10 miles from a US outpost — a place where just one year ago a US soldier shook hands with a local resident!  The United States must be such complete LOSERS to allow those people to show off their pop guns!!  (Of course I'm sure Katie Couric will not report when an F-16 drops a 500 pound bomb on their little prayer group and turns them into ash before the reporter reaches town.)
  • The very last segment was how Katie wants people to tell her "how to sign off at the end of the program".  She showed clips of some past news anchors signing off (including the hilarious "Courage" Dan Rather sign-off), and then said that she spent all summer trying to come up with something to say.  Can you believe how empty-headed she must be, that she could not come up with a 4-5 sign-off after months of "thinking"?  This is what Katie Couric considers "important".
  • Katie thinks a lot of herself, as she managed to talk about herself in each of the segments.  She really has a distorted view, but I have heard that once someone reaches her level of success, they begin to lose all perspective.  Even when her ratings sink into the toilet, I'll bet she is so far gone that she still won't "get it".

How sad for CBS, with its tradition of news reporting, that its premier news show has turned into a series of opinion pieces, intermixed with occasional hard news stories.

I'm sure I'll tune in to watch President Bush's interview tomorrow, as well as Rush Limbaugh's opinion piece on Thursday, but that will most likely be the last I'll be watching that pathetic show.  On the other hand, it really helps people appreciate the great job they're doing over at Fox.


  • Can't thank you enough for saving me the time!! Always impressed me a C-5 could park in her head without touching the sides.

    By konane, at 7:56 PM

  • FUNNY!! I just pictured being able to glimpse a black C5 peeking through that open-mouthed, toothy grin!

    By Todd, at 9:52 PM

  • never liked cutie. love diane sawyer.

    By emilyg, at 11:42 PM

  • Thank you Todd for writing down kind of what I was thinking...when I saw the piece of former anchors as the TV was merely in my background as I couldn't stand to "watch" anymore, I thought "what on earth is this crap?" What a boob she is - no pun intended ladies. She is a cute, Gidget woman with no real news sense. A shame CBS had to stoop to this. At least NBC got it right with Vieira.

    By cps10, at 9:54 AM

  • I followed with great interest all of the comments on the article regarding the poor winner who was chastised by his church. I noticed that you clearly are a supporter of the administration's War on Terror. A lot of great exchanges. One question that no one asked, that maybe you can answer, is: how do we know when we have won the war? Who has to surrender?

    By babyboomer, at 3:34 AM

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