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Who would be in control where YOU live?

This was e-mailed to me today, and it struck a very true note when I read it.  (I wish the person who sent it to me would start posting these things in their Blog!  The more different voices there are echoing these sentiments, the better.)

It got me wondering about my own area, and who would be in charge if a disaster struck.

Would I trust my leaders? 

Would they, in fact, lead at all

Or would they instead start blaming other people to cover up for their own inadequacies?

Anyway, here's the e-mail that provoked these thoughts:

When 9/11 happened it affected the city of New York and the state of New York.

Who coordinated the recovery?

The Republican Mayor and the Republican governor.


When Florida got hit with 5 hurricanes last year, who coordinated the relief efforts?

The Republican governor….


Now the city of New Orleans gets devastated by the hurricane and who coordinates the effort?

No one.  Instead of leading their citizens and the relief effort, the Democrat Mayor and Democrat governor blame George Bush.


Typical Democrat attacks.  Do nothing, point fingers.

What a great party.  They lead people who have been raised in Democrat households, and who have been taught, generation after generation, to hate Republicans, rather than to think for themselves.

They cannot answer straight-forward questions with direct, logical answers.  They are taught that Republicans  are "bad", and they close their ears, eyes, and minds to logic and reason.

Maybe they feel that they must "save face", and thus attack Republicans rather than join them.  Fortunately, there are many ex-Democrats, but it is a slow process, and unfortunately it may be too late before common sense sinks in to the majority of Democrats.


A run-down of command-and-control, for those who want to speak factually about this disaster:

Who is in charge of a city? Mayor.

Who is in charge of a state? Governor.

Who prepares the citizens of city, and coordinates efforts for a disaster? The Mayor and Governor.

What does the Federal government do? Provide relief funds and resources.

Is it the job of a President to coordinate disaster relief?  Of course not.

Is it the job of a President to evacuate citizens standing in the way of a hurricane?  Of course not.

Is it the job of a President to make sure the city busses are properly positioned and used to evacuate people?  Of course not.

Is the fact that the President did not sign the Kyoto protocol to blame for the hurricane?  That's a trick question.  If in your mind you for a second entertained the thought that that was true, then, well....  you're a loon.


Bottom line?  If you keep voting for Democrats because you have been taught to by your parents, teachers, ethnic leaders, spiritual leaders, or anyone else, I truly feel bad for you.  You are part of a cycle that keeps people poor and uneducated, and never has room for intellectual debate.  Logic and reason are never a part of the equation.  Think about it.  I am not some "evil Republican," I am a normal human being, just like you, who has thought long and hard about this, and I refuse to let elite newspapers and television reporters — and "community activisits" — do the thinking for me.

There will absolutely be blame galore once the bodies have been counted and the damage assessed.  When this happens, take a fresh look at things.  First, decide if there really is someone to blame for all of this.  Then decide:  Who are YOU going to blame?

By the way, I posted the e-mail above, and then I ended up re-writing most of it!  The first few lines are from the e-mail, and the rest is mine.  I suppose it's pretty easy to see my passion on this issue.


  • I posted in my blog my thoughts on this. But I will reapeat it here.
    It is the authority where the disaster is happening to take immediate charge.
    The questions like a disaster striking needs to be asked of the people running for office what they will do.
    I live in the Charleston S.C. area and I think the officals here are prepared for such an emergency.
    One more thing on the subject of hurricanes preparedness. In all the food markets,stores and flyers put in the papers around here is a list of items to prepare for a hurricane if you stay in the area. Non perishable food and enough water drawn for a minimum of five days. I personally have camp stoves for food preparation plus other necessary items ready.
    You live in a hurricane zone be prepared for it.

    By JAP69, at 11:57 AM

  • good post
    my experience mirrors your comments of republicans and democrats.
    when i was young i voted demo
    when i started earning and being responsible i agreed with the republican philosphy teach a person how to grow fodd and they will be better citizens
    work and create jobs for others

    By sagan, at 8:36 PM

  • What Is this??????
    Why are we slamming parties ? and on all places the Lottery Post of all places!!!! Okay remove me from using this site, but we lottery players really DON'T want to see topics like this. I really would prefer reading one sentence comments about the states' lottery. So, my lottery family it's been nice. Happy winning to all regardless of the political party you represent. GOD IS GOOD, AND HE LOVES ALL OF US.bye to all.

    By lottery101, at 1:13 AM

  • It's obvious the you don't know what a BLOG is. It's a PERSONAL JOURNAL, where you cna basically write on whatever topic you like. (Except the rules for no advertising, no foul posts, etc.)

    People who use their blogs to write about the lottery are free to. Occasionally I do that myself, but most of the time I write whatever is in my mind, which is what you are reading. If you don't like it, don't read it.


    By Todd, at 8:17 AM

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