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Wow, just a tremendous speech by Zell Miller tonight!  He made a compelling argument for the President, especially since he's a Senate Democrat.  He showed both courage and conviction, and his crossing party lines to endorse the president carries tremendous weight.

As usual, Cheney gave a solid pernormance, and showed why he makes a good VP.

The Republicans have really laid out a good strategy against their rivals.  They are not making personal attacks against Kerry; rather they are taking a factual look at his voting record in the Senate, and proving that he has consistently voted the wrong way.  He voted against every major weapons system that won the cold war (and that we still use in the war on terror today), and he votes against tax cuts.


  • I also thought it was a great speech. Zell said a lot of things that a lot of Republicans would like to say but know they would never get away with saying those things because they would be crucified by the media. Gives Miller a lot of creditibility by saying the things he said. He is extremeley ticked off that his party has become what it is. I truly believe that if J.F.K. (no not John Forbes Kerry) was still alive today, he could have given that speech last night. He may have not showed the anger the Miller showed, but he would have agreed with the content of that speech. Kennedy was strong on national defense and believed in tax cuts and he would be extremely disappointed where the Democratic party has gone. I believe the Republican party can lay more claim to the policies and beliefs of J.F.K. than today's Democrat party ever could.

    By whodeani, at 4:16 PM

  • I seldom become involved in political arguments and discussions as I believe they're bull**** and an exercise in rhetoric. In this matter I digress. The people of Georgia should stand up, be proud and be noticed that they have had the smarts and the courage to elect a man such as Zell Miller to be their representative in Congress. My hat is off to you, sir - may your spirit live on forever. Ever on.

    By johnph77, at 3:31 AM

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