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Night #2

At last night's RNC, another speech to be remembered, this time by Arnold.  Who would have thought?

It was actually heartwarming to hear him talk about his immigrant background, and how the Republican party supports all the things that immigrants desire in order to be successful in America.

I'll bet writers at the New York Times are having a real tough time trying to write about these speeches over the past couple of nights, as there is very little negative that they can find.  They certainly would never write good things about a Republican speaker, so how are they filling their stories?

I guess they'll try to pick on the Bush daughters, who proved last night that they really shouldn't ever consider getting into politics.  Ditsy and strange.

However, Laura Bush clearly showed why there's no comparison as to who should be the nation's First Lady.  It was not an exciting speech, but it was classy, and centered on the President, rather than herself.  Nicely done.


  • Arnold is my governor, and I voted for him last year. I was amazed that I was doing so. I could not picture they guy as the governor. Now, he has proven to be astonishingly effective.

    When I voted for him, my thought was this: It takes a lot of discipline to rise to the top of anything. Somebody who says they are going to be Mr. Universe, and then does it, 7 times in a row, shows discipline. He then says he will be, against all odds, a major movie hero, and he does it, it shows discipline. And then he says he will be the people's governor.....

    Well, let the record speak....

    I would vote for Arnold for president, actually, after this... who would have thought...

    By dragon, at 9:58 AM

  • Arnold was a great speaker..why in the world have the bush girls come rip from the kerry girls.not a good move at all..Laura bush is a class act as always..this convention has been great so far..

    By ONEDAY, at 12:51 PM

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