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Bush's State of the Union speech redeemed

Remember when the liberals were screaming at the top of their lungs about how Bush lied in his State of the Union Address?  Bush made a statement about how British intelligence discovered that Saddam was trying to buy uranium from a country in Africa.  Soon afterward the British said they weren't quite so sure after all, and the liberals immediately said "Bush lied!"

Most innormed people can reason out the situation and see that even if it turned out that Saddam did not buy uranium from Africa that intelligence is not a perfect science, and there was certainly no lie.  He would have been given (and acted on) faulty intelligence, but that happens every day.

HOWEVER, as it turns out - the intelligence was TRUE.  It is now confirmed that Saddam WAS trying to buy uranium from a country in Africa, and Bush made an accurate statement in his address.

Where are the apologies?

Where are the screaming headlines?

Liberals admit they were wrong?  Never.  And since they're the ones who run most of the newspapers don't expect any big headlines either.

I did find one decent column by Mark Steyn in the Chicago Sun-Times.  It can be found here:

Unrelated, there's another article showing more distortions from Michael Moore:

I'm sure all the Bush-bashing is going to build to a crescendo this summer as the election nears.  It is really too bad that it has come to this.


  • tub of guts moore is a traitor.anybody that pays money to see this movie helps his cause .where are the movie pirates when you need them.this week in woosie land france,mike really made us look baaadddd.hope some good comes moores way

    By leather, at 11:29 AM

  • Spiderman 2 is a much better movie to see! Besides, Spiderman crushed UNFAIRenheit this week:


    By Todd, at 12:21 PM

  • need subscription to New York Times. Need a different link. ...

    By Mana, at 8:48 AM


    By josie, at 1:58 PM

  • I'd prefer that if you're going to comment in my Blog that you not put some Bush-hating junk in there. Even people who hate Bush come out of the movie saying what a lying piece of crap it is.

    By Todd, at 3:43 PM

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