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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A Winner's Strategy

"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win."
~ Zig Ziglar

Mr. Ziglar is one my absolute favor authors and for good reason. Backed with some "Law of Attraction" by Abraham Hicks, Zig Ziglar helps to create a mindset of confidence which changes our entire strategy in anything we do in life.

In this article, that's what we are going to talk about ~ strategy. But not just any strategy, "A Winner's Strategy."
With so many of us taking our chances and trying to get a little with our hits from the lotteries across the country, it's no wonder why these agencies are so profitable. People are just taking their hard earned money and throwing it out on a whim, hoping that Lady Luck will be on their side. Now I'm not opposed to that when you feel an impulse to play a number. That's usually the Universe sending you a message that you are near a "zone" and you overheard something to put you on a path of winning. But for most of us, we play the Pick 3 with hopes that we can score a little extra payout to help us get by in life. And sometimes, we do it completely out of desperation.

I want to help you put a stop to that and start playing the Pick 3 with a Winner's Strategy. You are playing the numbers game because you are "investing" in yourself for a payout. If you're going to invest, you have to have a strategy on how to win. And that's exactly what this article is about.

Let's just jump right in and see what we can come up with. Let's say your state allows you to play the Pick 3 Lottery, with placing a $.50 bet per number. Each state varies and some states, you can play for just $.25. But for the sake of this portion of the article, let's base it on a $.50 bet. Now, the first step is to determine how much you are willing to invest and potentially lose, and still be ok with that. As a beginner, you may be willing to put up $40 to play with until that $40 is gone. Fantastic! Let's put that $40 to good work.

We have to think about "value" when playing the lottery. I know, it's not two words that seem to go into the same sentence ~ "value / lottery". But let's look at playing from a value perspective for a moment. If you are willing to put in $40 to play the Pick 3, and your bets cost you $.50 per pick, how many times can you play just one single number, until it costs you $40? Let's do the math:

($.50 per pick x 1 pick x 2 draws per day x 40 days) = $40

Now, if there are 2 draws per day and each draw cost you $.50, that's just $1 per day. So it would take you 40 days of playing every draw to break even. Or to put it in a perspective that helps you to understand that your odds are increased, 80 draws! That's not a bad value at all!

That means you have "80 times" to catch a "boxed" play in your state. Most states payouts are around $40 on a $.50 bet when you play boxed. Now some states vary and the payouts varies as well. Some states will even pay higher on a boxed play, that has a double number. But for the sake of this article, let's use just the $40 payout.

So overall, you have a 1 in 80 chance to win or you lose your $40. Would you take those odds and place a bet? I would! Let's use a strategy that makes sure I win.

The rules of this game are pretty simple, you have to pick a number, any number, and it must match what the lottery plays. If it does, you get paid. The rules are also "flexible" as well. Remember the "any number"? That's where the other part of a Winner's Strategy comes in.

Let's say you're going to take that gamble, invest the $40 and you are going to "chase" your favorite number. Let's call that number 293. It's your month and year of your child's birthday, so let's play it. Great! The chase is on. Remember, you're investing $40 for this chase, to either profit or lose. Let's begin...

So, day 1, you start playing the 293 number and you put your picks in for the day and night draw, and then you  go about your day. Later that night you come home and you decide to pull up your favorite lottery app and check to see what the winning numbers were for your state - and today wasn't your day. Your number didn't play. You're down $1, balance: $39 and 78 draws to go.

Day 5, you've picked up on this routine and once again, you go play your picks for the day and go about your day. You happen to walk into the convenience store just before going home that night, and you see the numbers for the day. Still nothing. You haven't hit. You're now down $5, balance: $35 and still 70 draws to go.

Day 13 comes around and you're ready to head into work. You stop to get your morning coffee and play your picks. Sonny at the store tells you: "I feel it today, it's your lucky day!" And you take your tickets and off to work you go. It's been a busy day and with work, the kids, traveling, you're tired, so you head home. As you're standing there making a late dinner, you decide to check that lottery app again ~ and Sonny was right! It was your lucky day! 293 played during the day during your lunch meeting with the boss. Wowzers! You won the lottery! So how much did you actually win? Let's find out:

($.50 per draw x 2 draws a day x 13 days) = $13 - $40 = $27 profit!

You're ahead of the game! You have profit from this "chase", congratulations! 

That's one way this could go, but all too often, we've all seen the other side of this, which is on that 13th day, you got a flat tire that you had to change, and you were running late, and didn't get a chance to play that day. And sure enough, 293 comes out. And we become frustrated and stop playing. That's where the mistake comes in.

Remember when I said that this game is "flexible", and you could choose "any number"? Well, the chase is still on, just the number changed, that's all. You invested $40, you've lost $13 so far and still have $27 to go before you lose your full investment. You have to plan to win, and expect to win! This is where things like the 646 workouts, or the Raw Numbers, or any numbers system that you may follow come in helpful. People like me, and many others on this forum, put in time and effort to help produce numbers so we all can win. And the numbers that we are producing, are coming from somewhere, depends on the contributor. But usually, it's from some sort of workout.

So, we are down $13 and still have $27 to play with, which means we still have 54 draws to catch a boxed number. Check out these efforts from contributors, do your own workouts and see what numbers you are seeing, or play the 3 digit number to your garage entry. But - don't stop playing! That's where you lose. You have to keep the chase going. Remember, you made a deal that you were willing to lose $40, hold yourself accountable to lose $40. If the number comes out and you missed it for some reason, choose a different number and keep playing until you profit or lose the $40.

This is where "A Winner's Strategy" comes into play. Because you still have 54 chances to hit a number, and you will, so long as you understand the basics of the game. Change your numbers when you need to. Understand the workouts and what you are looking at. Understand the mirroring system as well. Because let's say you have 293, and 842 comes out, you need to change your number! 842 mirrored is 392, that's your boxed hit and you missed it because you're playing just one version of that number, not all of them. So understanding mirroring is important.

Personally, I have a larger budget that I have worked up to by doing this very strategy. And once I win, I re-invest into this. But this time, I do it with a larger limit. The way you do this is based on your wins and re-investing. If you hit a boxed number and get paid $40, then you chase some more and get another boxed hit, you are paid another $40. You keep putting back into this because now you are playing on "house" money, not your own $40. This means you can be chasing 2 or 3 or even 4 numbers at a time based on how many boxed hits and payouts you have. Remember, each one is it's own chase with it's own budget. If you start playing more numbers for the same money, your value decreases and you get to play less. Which means less chances of winning.

You're goal is to cross over a threshold with this approach. For me, there are 5 different thresholds, and they are listed below:

Level 1: ($40)
$.50 plays boxed payouts
Completed: When you have hit enough boxed payouts that reaches
you to the Level 2 break even value ($250)

Level 2: ($250)
$.50 plays straight payouts
Completed: When you have hit enough straight payouts that reaches
you to the Level 3 break even value ($500) 

Level 3: ($500)
$1 plays straight payouts
Completed: When you have hit enough straight payouts that reaches
you to the Level 4 break even value ($1,000) 

Level 4: ($1,000)
$2 plays straight payouts
Completed: When you have hit enough straight payouts that reaches
you to the Level 5 break even value ($2,500) 

Level 5: ($2,500)
$5 plays straight payouts.

Once you're reached Level 5, you pretty much can see straights right away, because you've worked hard going through the levels and achieving new goals. But achieving Level 4 or 5 status, the sky is the limit. You can and will be knocking it out of the park every time you place a bet.

There is something that I want you to remember all the way through this, as you are achieving the levels, and that is, as you succeed (and you will, because you have to plan for it and expect it), and you've moved to Level 2, you are playing on "house money", not your own. That means, sitting in your pocket, is two crisp $20 bills, which is your original $40 investment. But you're still betting the lottery! 

There's 3 very important pieces of this strategy that I want to leave you with.

    1.) Change Numbers: If you missed your number, change the number but keep playing
    2.) Re-invest: Keep re-investing the winnings. Remember each number played has it's own budget.
    3.) Achieve Goals: Cross each threshold and work towards the next.

I'm currently getting ready to cross into Level 3, and it's all because of this approach. As I've worked to learn, understand, test and play, it's brought me closer to winning more and more. And when I do, I re-invest. I use each number with it's own budget and I chase that number until it hits, or it's time to swap it out. Since doing this, there have been only 3 times that I had to put more into investing out of my own pocket, and that's only because I was just starting out. Since then, I've been playing on house money, and my original investment sits in my safe, along with the rest of my winnings.

I "prepare to win": by doing my workouts, studying and testing theories
I "plan for it": by keeping track of how I am investing with this strategy
I "expect to win": by knowing that I have put in the effort and continue to build confidence.

Even when you lose, you win, because it's all "A Winner's Strategy", and you have to prepare for it, plan for it, and expect it, and if you've done so, then you still win.

There you go, "A Winner's Strategy". Try it, pick a budget, a number and chase it based on your math. Be sure to pay attention to workouts and mirrors. See how much you can win and how far you can go in the levels. Be sure to come back and leave a comment and let me know how you're doing.


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    Great artcle

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    "Prepare to win, plan to win & expect to Win", very Informative Article! Thanks for Sharing!!:)

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