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Saturday, August 12, 2023

646 Workouts Extras: Part 1

In my last article, Use a 646 Workout to your advantage I had talked about how to create a 646 workout, and how to utilize them so that you could see your next numbers for a draw. In this article, 646 Workouts Extras: Part 1, we are going to elaborate on this method some and I'm going to show you some thing to watch for in a workout. Let's dive right in.

On Tue, Aug 1, 2023, The Tri-State Lottery drew the number 478 for the day draw. Let's create a workout for that number. Again, the 646 method is simply taking the draw number, and adding 6 to the first column, 4 to the second, and 6 to the third.


4 7 8
0 1 4
6 5 0
2 9 6
8 3 2
4 7 8

Using our workout, if we were to go back and fill in the entire workout with the numbers that have been drawn "after" 478, this is what your current workout for 478 would look like. There are three things noticeable within this workout.

First: All the numbers except 1 have an orange background, which represents a 3 digit pattern has been used, thus filling the boxes. There's only 1 box that isn't filled.

Second: The box that isn't filled, the "4" in the bottom left corner, is going to be used in a number at some point that will complete this workout.

Third: Notice the dark outline of the "lower half" of that workout. That means, that when the "4" does play, it can ONLY be used with 2 of the other 8 numbers within that area. The Pick 3 is a 3 digit game, and in a 646, all numbers MUST touch each other consecutively in some pattern. Therefore, when the "4" is used, it can only use 2 of the other 8 numbers within that area.

So, let's see if we can put together some combinations, using the "4" as the starting point. If we start with 4, and then move up one position, we then would be using the "8". But if we move diagonally, then we would be using the "3" instead. And if we moved right, then the "7" would be used. Here's the thing to notice, the 8 and the 3 are a mirror number to each other. So that basically lessens the possibilities, and I'm going to show you how it lessens the possibilities even more because you basically end up with the same number(s).

Let's start by using the "48" combo and see how many combinations we can make from there. Remember, all three boxes must be touching.

So there's: 482, 489, 483, 487
Using the mirror numbers, 482 and 487 are the same number as the mirror to a 2 is a 7 thus making it 487.

Now, let's use the "43" combinations.

So there's: 438, 432, 439, 436, 432, 437, 438.
Again, notice there are some repeat numbers like 438 and 432, and then some numbers that are the same as what's in our "48" combos, just with the mirror number. 439 is the same as 489.

If we take away all the smoke and mirrors, let's just use some base numbers in this box. That is, no repeating number, or the same number using mirror numbers. 

We are left with the following:
482, 489, 436, 438

These are our four base numbers we can use to track what's coming. What you would do is, using these four numbers, see if you can follow them in your 646 workouts "after" this 478 draw. Watch for your drifters, that include one or more of these numbers, and see if you can see it lining up (usually within the middle of the workout).

There's a couple of ways these 646 workouts will leave you "hints" as to what the number may be. First, let's stay focused on the lower portion of the workout. Notice how the "48" is sitting there, but the "6" is in the top right? But the workout shows us a "3" as the connecting number? 3 is the mirror number to 8. So one way to look at this, and possibly even confirm it, is to say that the number to be drawn is going to be 486. Remember, if that number is drawn, you would still close this box up, because when you do these workouts, you use 3 connecting numbers, which can allow for a mirror number, or any order of the number drawn. So long as those 3 digits connect, it can be used.

A way we can also confirm this, is by focusing our attention to the top section of the workout. Specifically, look at the top right. Notice how it has 481? 1 is the mirror to 6. So that's definitely a possibility there. And, again, the top section does the same as the bottom just in a flip view basically. Notice the 48 in the top right and then the bottom left of the top has a "6" again? Strong possibility for 486.

Now, there's a second hint to watch out for on these workouts. These workouts majority of the time like to show us the number by essentially "splitting" the number from the top to the bottom. Think of it as "falling off the workout". Using this method, you have to pay attention to the numbers that are "available" to use (aka, the boxes in the lower box of the workout with the outlines). If we look, there is no "0" in that section at all. So we know that.

Now, the second method involves looking at the top corners in column 1 and column 3. Column 1 has "40" in this workout, and column 3 has "84". So "40" is automatically excluded, because our bottom section doesn't have a "0" within it, so we turn our focus to the "84". Notice in our workout, that the top has 478, and the bottom has 478 as well. The top right has "84" and the bottom right has "82". The "8" is the "merging" number if you will. So if you bring it all together, you would have 482.

Now that you have some numbers to work with for that workout, and your goal is to try to "close it up" with a hit, there's one last step. Look at your last few draws and just pay attention to the top of the workouts and the number that was drawn.

If we look at the Tri-State the past couple of days we see:
216, 930, 825, 670

If you scan your eyes back and forth over those numbers, can you see "486" trying to line up? What about "482"?
If we look, we can see 693 (216 & 930), which is 648. We also can see 932 (930 & 825). Notice the 93, and then the 82? If 3/8 "merge" then we see 932 or 982 which is the same as 482. 

Then remembering the rule of "drifters" (one or more numbers drifts from one draw to another), since Tri-State's last draw was 670, my picks would be 486 or 482. The "6" would be the drifter, or the "2" would be the drifter as 2 is the mirror to "7".

There you have it, an in-depth way to study the 646 workout and use it for your picks. Practice it, be faithful to doing your workouts. It will begin to train your mind to look at things and see the patterns that these workouts show you. Don't get frustrated and stick with it. And I've got more content coming soon. 

Til then...

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  • At 6:34 AM, keodmo said…

    I�m not understanding your first point and the digit 4.   Can you please elaborate in greater detail.   I appreciate your blog and explanations

  • At 10:16 AM, winpick3 said…

    So to understand how to create the 646 workout and utilize it properly, by filling in the numbers drawn, you should refer to this article. <a href="https://blogs.lotterypost.com/winpick3/2023/8/use_a_646_workout_to_your_advantage.htm">Use a 646 workout to your advantage.</a>

    When you do the workout, as the numbers get drawn, you go back in your workouts and fill in the numbers, making sure that all 3 numbers drawn touch in some way. They can be out of order, but they MUST touch. When you do, you are left with the example above which shows you a "4" is coming, because a 4/9 combo hasn't been used since then.

  • At 5:30 AM, keodmo said…

    Thank you!  I get it now

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