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Switching back to Internet Explorer

After using Google Chrome as my daily Web browser for the last few years, I'm now switching back to Internet Explorer, at least for a while.

Chrome is a fantastic Web browser, but as of the past few versions, something is wrong. 

I always keep many tabs open, because during the day I constantly need to switch to various Web pages.  It's part of my work stream.

The problem is that Chrome seems to have developed some memory problems -- or something like that.  I have gotten to the point where I need to restart the browser at least once a day, just to "clear out the gunk".  I restart the browser and all of those dozen tabs or so are running snappily again.  And then they start slowing down until I need to restart again.

So it's back to IE.  I'm now using IE 11 running on Windows 8.1.

IE11 has most of the features that I love about Google Chrome.  Mainly the ability to automatically syncronize bookmarks, settings, and tabs between computers.  Plus at this point it's just as fast as Chrome, and it supports most of the same modern Web standards -- so you won't have to be left in the stone ages anymore.

And now that I mention syncing bookmarks and such, I should mention that's one great feature about Windows 8.1:  complete intergration of SkyDrive (which has recently been renamed to OneDrive).  What a great service.

Everything is setup to be able to automatically save to the "cloud", which is like an extra hard drive attached to your computer, except it's stored on the Internet.  So you never need to worry about losing your documents in SkyDrive, because Microsoft automatically backs everything up.  And because it's stored in the "cloud" you can access all of your files on any computer instantly.  The IE11 Web browser uses SkyDrive (OneDrive) behind the scenes to automatically syncronize all your bookmarks, settings, tabs, etc.

So I guess we'll see how this works out.  Who knows, maybe I'll be back on IE for a few years.


  • Ugh!! Why didn't I know this stuff before hand?
    I am now posting with my new computer today, had the older one 11 years (that's a long time, too long lol)

    Something wrong with the hardrive?
    The computer kept rebooting on its own and freezing up etc.
    Exactly 1 week to payday before I could get it fixed something goes wrong with my WindowsXP, can't get to my desktop!

    What's important to me on my computer is my bookmarks. Kept thinking "I wish their was a way too go to the browser you all ways used put in a password and get all the bookmarks you had before" or something to keep track of them all just in case something happens

    Now I see this!!

    Oh I miss all my bookmarks!!
    Can't log into Windows, so I can't get to my desktop , so can't click on the browser to see all of them to transfer to my new computer.

    I use FireFox so I know there is a BookMark File somewhere.
    I'll take the old computer back to the shop for information retrieval.

    Glad I read your blog so this won't happen again!

    By Nikkicute, at 1:54 AM

  • Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By MzDuffleBaglady, at 3:29 AM

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