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IE10 now available for Windows 7

It's a preview version of Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), but to my eyes it's a complete web browser that is fine for anyone to install.

Unlike previous releases of IE10 for Windows 7, this is a complete interface, and it looks and works just like IE9.

My expectation is that Microsoft will only make subtle tweaks to this before releasing the final version soon.  By "subtle", I mean there will probably only be little performance improvements, but nothing that most people would notice.

Because IE10 adds very good support for modern web standards, I can easily recommend it to any Windows 7 user.

Also, a VERY nice feature is that IE10 will automatically install updates to itself, like Google Chrome has done for a long time now.

Here's the download link.  Click the Download button under "IE 10 on Windows 7 Preview".


  • I tried the explorer 10 on Todds recommendation . Unfortunately , Im now having to find way to get rid of it. Apparently not all sites are ready for Exp 10 . Have had issues with certain websites no longer allowing me access and when I call they say it "May" be because of explorer 10 . These are crucial sites that I need to access for bill paying. Hopefully by the time its out of Beta, this issue will be resolved.

    By CarliG, at 1:20 PM

  • A feature of all versions of Internet Explorer is that you can view any website as if you are using an older version of IE. You simply select the Compatibility View Settings in the "Gear" menu, and choose the version of IE you wish to view the web page in.

    This is a common thing with all versions of IE; not something particular to IE10.

    I've never seen a site that is not compatible with IE10, but I suppose it's possible. Just not very likely. I'd suggest that the person you called does not know, and they could very well be wrong. So you can certainly uninstall IE10, but I'm not sure that makes much sense.

    By Todd, at 3:43 PM

  • Thanks Todd, Didnt think to try compatibility mode . Will give that a try .. May even try redownloading it again.. I prefer not to name a specific site that gave me trouble, but will say it was a health insurance website where I make online payments.

    By CarliG, at 11:15 AM

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