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New iPad rocks

Apple is genius when it comes to mobile products.

I'm typing this on my new iPad 2, which I picked up today at BestBuy.  It is quite a bit faster and more responsive than the first model, which itself was no slouch.

I'm really struck by how much thinner they have made the new one.  It is much more comfortable to hold, and it's a bit lighter weight too.

Web pages load much quicker, and they scroll much more instantaneously.

The new case has a flat back, which makes it much better to set down on a table.  It doesn't rock around like the first one.

Again, the first one was awesome, it just seems that Apple is amazing at being able to keep making a good thing better, year after year.


  • I can't wait to get one. Stopped by the apple store after work
    Only to find out They sold out! The store only had 50 to sell.
    Tried other stores as well, but none to be found. :(
    Will probably have to order it on line.

    By sacredstone, at 2:29 AM

  • Yeah, I got on on line at BestBuy and got the second-to-last one of the model I wanted!

    By Todd, at 9:43 AM

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