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Google Chrome 10 is released - and great!

People who already have Google Chrome installed can easily upgrade to the latest version (version 10) by clicking the Wrench icon in the upper-right, then select "About Google Chrome".  If an update is available, that simple action will always perform the upgrade.

If you DON'T already have Google Chrome installed, I'l ask you:  WHY THE HECK NOT?!  (Install it here.)

Google Chrome is screaming fast and is the model of simplicity and efficiency.

Want a tab to display in its own window?  Just drag the tab out of the browser, and it creates its own window.

Want to integrate another Google Chrome window into the current window?  Just drag the tab into the current window.

It's intuitive and simple stuff like that that make Chrome so great.

And it works fantastically with Lottery Post!

Version 10 actually seems to fix a minor bug in the last Google Chrom release that occasionally froze the browser window, so that's nice to see also.


  • Have you tried IE9? I think IE9 RC is out?

    By truecritic, at 5:55 AM

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