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Android Phone Users: Get Angry Birds Rio Free

People with Android phones can now get Angry Birds Rio (the latest version of the popular Angry Birds game) for FREE.

How to get it?  Just install the new Amazon AppStore, which is free — and for simply trying it you get the new Angry Birds Rio for free.

Now, Angry Birds may be the hook necessary to get people to try the new Amazon AppStore, but the real bonus is that you can start using the Amazon AppStore!

I will readily admit that if I were forced to choose a single company that is my favorite company in the world, it would be Amazon.  They are a remarkable company that seems to sprinkle fairy dust on everything they do.

You can use the new Amazon AppStore to browse for apps just like you would on the Android Marketplace.  But Amazon claims to have a much better app vetting process, similar to the way Apple screens its apps before making them available to iPhone users. 

This can help eliminate the types of problems Google recently had to cope with involving malware embedded in some apps in the Marketplace.  The thinking is that if you download it from the Amazon AppStore, the app will already have been screened for malware.

Another very nice feature is that the Amazon AppStore is directly linked to your regular account, so the account you use to buy books, music, movies, etc., can also be used to buy apps, and it all works seamlessly.

To install the Amazon AppStore on your Android phone, you first need to make sure your phone is set to allow third party apps:

  1. From the Home screen, click the menu/options button, and then click Settings.
  2. Click the Applications item.
  3. Make sure the Unknown sources box has a check mark in it.  If a warning comes up, click OK.
  4. You're finished, exit the settings.

Then, you need to open the browser and go to  On the front page of the site (when it is viewed from your Android phone), you will see an ad right near the top for Angry Birds.  Click the ad.

Follow the prompts to download & install.

After you click the download link, you may see a notification at the top of your Android phone about a downloaded file.  You may have to click the notification message in order to install the app.  If so, pull down the notification bar by swiping down from the top of the screen, and then just click on the file in the list of notifications.

Everything else should be fairly self-explanitory.  You'll get the AppStore installed, and then when you open the AppStore you'll see the icon/link for downloading the free copy of Angry Birds.

After everything is finished, you should probably put an Amazon AppStore icon on your Home screen.  (Hopefully you know how to do that?)

Good luck, and if you try this out, enjoy the game!!


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