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New version of Google Chrome released

Google has released a new version of their Chrome Web browser.

If you have never used Chrome, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.  It is super-fast, and will make everything you do on the web much faster than whatever you're using now.

Incredibly, the new version (which is 2.x) manages to get even faster, both with the screen rendering times and with how fast it can execute scripts.  

If you already have Chrome installed, you can see if it's the latest version by clicking the Wrench button in the upper-right corner, and then selecting About Google Chrome from the menu.  The version number appears at the bottom of the about box, and if it's an older version, you just click on the Update button and it installs the latest version for you.

If you don't have Chrome installed, go to and click Download Google Chrome.  (Grr, I wish these non-IE Web browsers would automatically make links clickable like IE does -- my biggest pet peeve with them!)

Don't ever be afraid to install multiple Web browsers on your computer.  It does not do any harm, and it in fact gives you an opportunity to try out different ways to browse the web.

The fact that all Web browsers are free does hurt either.

If you're a computer newbie/non-techie, just go ahead and try it anyway.  It's about as easy to do as anything you've done on the web.

BTW, one nice thing about Chrome is that like Safari and Firefox, it can do rounded corners, so you get to see the Lottery Post buttons in their best/intended form, like this:


  • Hey Todd, Thanks for the heads up on the new version of Chrome. I just updated mine, seamlessly. Have been using it for awhile now and I love the tabbing capability. I usually don't hesitate to try anything google puts its hands on. thanks again--

    By SBIP$999, at 12:19 PM

  • Thank you Todd.

    By justxploring, at 1:14 PM

  • Thanks for the heads up, updated Chrome ... use it to listen to Pandora. Agree it's a good idea to have several browsers installed because on the rare occasion one may not work.

    By konane, at 4:18 PM

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