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Stopping Identity Theft

Here's an excellent video pointing out the dangers of identity theft.  Pass this link on to family/friends.



  • Bravo Todd, for posting this Link. I sent it to all of my friends and relatives.     Escondido John

    By hosni, at 2:27 PM

  • Yes, thanks a billion for that one .... out in email to everyone. However, when pumping gas, handbag goes under the steering wheel on the floor, door locked even though the fill area is on the driver's side and do pay at the pump. Before your post thought I was just getting old an paranoid!!!

    By konane, at 6:50 PM

  • There was nothing new to me in that video and I am surprised to hear that thieves are so successful at pulling that off. Good link for those that need it.

    By truecritic, at 11:30 PM

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