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The Who return with 1st album since 1982

Good news for Who fans!

The new album will be released at the end of this month.

I really hope this isn't like the Rolling Stones albums that get churned out.  Pete Townshend is such a talented song writer that I have hope.

Here's some really cool trivia that I thought of while writing this blog entry:  If the last Who album released was back in 1982, then this album will be the first one they've ever produced that didn't premier on vinyl LPs!  Because CDs first debuted in 1983, the last Who album was released an entire year before CDs even existed.  Holy mackerel, if that doesn't put things in perspective!


  • But no Keith Moon! :(    He was one of the better drummers of the good ole days. Used to listen to Quadrophenia and Who's Next on a 8 track player. The pressure is on Pete!

    By Konformthismfs, at 5:05 PM

  • Todd,

    I saw the Who in Chicago a few years ago. First time I ever saw them live and they were absolutely great. Couldn't tell it had been 20 years since any new material. They played an awesome set.

    Checked out your website today. That 'vette is sweet. Last time I rode in one of those it was thirty years ago at 135 MPH down the middle of a two lane country road with a drunken dude driving. I had to throw the underwear out afterwards. I can see why you like the ride so much...I would too. Plus that home theater is awesome. 100"? I watch a 19" $89 TV. Ha!

    By Rick G, at 5:09 PM

  • Konform, some of the younger crowd here might not even know what an 8-track is! (How funny is that?) I still have some Who LPs kicking around the house somewhere. Most kids have never seen or held an LP.

    Rick, you have mentioned my two favorite pasttimes, my Vette and my home theater. Both were carefully planned for a long, long time before they became reality. I had planned on getting a black Corvette from the time I was 8 years old, and I saw one drive past my house. They look a little different these days, but all Corvettes are special in their own way. (The new C6 style is probably my least favorite though.)

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    By Todd, at 5:42 PM

  • love the who.i have most of their stuff and i think who's next is their best effort.keith moon was such a character in his day.him and john bonham of led zeppelin were two of the best rock drummers ever and ended up dying within a year of each other.the bass player john entwistle died in a vegas casino before one of their concerts a couple years ago.roger daltrey and pete townshend are just as good as jagger-richards and lennon-mccartney.i hope they do good with this release.yep the last effort of theirs was released on vinyl,cassette and eight track......

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 11:39 PM

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