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Incredible new technology

This could be one of the coolest devices ever invented!

Apple just introduced the iPhone, which finally combines a phone, iPod, and  computer into one device.  I'm actually glad they took their time, because the end result is the latest must-have piece of technology, if it works like the demo.

One of my favorite parts of it is the new interface, in which you control it by touching the screen with your fingertips.  Unlike all the normal touch-screens, this new screen can be manipulated my touching the screen in multiple places at once.  So if you want to zoom out while showing a picture, you just touch your fingers close together on the screen and then pull them apart!

Also, the new way to scroll a page is incredible.  If you've used Adobe Acrobat you get the idea -- you "grab" the page by clicking and holding the button, and drag the page up and down.  The difference with the new iPhone is that you can "spin" the page in any direction by touching it and "flicking" it in the direction you like and then letting go.  Kind of like you would spin a Roulette wheel or shove a piece of paper across the table.  Genius!

Apple has a complete demo online that shows tons of details.  Check it out!


  • Noooo kidding!!! That is absolutely amazing!!

    By konane, at 9:00 PM

  • At this very moment, I'm watching something on ABC where they're talking about it. It looks really cool. They say it will come out in June and will cost around $500-$600.00 and will only be available through Cingular.

    By Amber88, at 11:54 PM

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