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Trying a Bluskov Lotto Wheel

I posted predictions for this evening's NJ Pick 6 Lotto drawing (Thurs., 1/13/2005), using a wheel from Iliya Bluskov's book Combinatorial Lottery Systems Wheels with Guaranteed Wins.  (If you haven't yet seen this book, I highly recommend you take a look.)

I chose his system #36, which uses a set size of 15 numbers that I chose, and guarantees a 4-win if 5 numbers from my 15 are drawn.

Aside from this main guarantee, this wheel also guarantees at least five 3-wins if 4 of the numbers drawn are within my set of 15.

The wheel is pretty well balanced:

  • 8 of the numbers appear 17 times
  • 5 of the numbers appear 16 times
  • 2 of the numbers appear 15 times

A full wheel using 15 numbers would have needed 5,005 tickets, but this system only requires only 41 tickets, making this a very affordable wheel providing great coverage.

Also, Lottery Post members should consider this a sneak preview of an awesome new set of features that is going to be coming soon!


  • Good Luck on NJ Pick 6 Lotto drawing Thursday...

    Todd - Looking forward to the new set of features - you sound pretty excited about these new features - any hints?


    By Lucky, at 4:35 PM

  • Thanks Lucky - I didn't do so good, but I'm trying again for Monday.

    I'm not sure which features are coming first - maybe all at once - stay tuned!

    By Todd, at 2:51 AM

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