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Wickedly cool feature!

Whew!  I just finished programming that last major feature for the new memberships.

The last feature is a e-mail address for Platinum members.

Once you become a Platinum member, you just go into Control Panel, select E-mail Settings, and then enter what you want your new e-mail address to be.  For example, if you enter lotterywinner, your new address would be [email protected].

You will be able to change your e-mail address as many times as you like.  Changes are instantly active.

I think this new feature will be a nice elite designation for those who upgrade to Platinum.  A real "feather in the cap."

For the techie-heads out there, this took a bit of effort to get the Web server to talk to the e-mail server to add and change addresses.  Now they're both using SOAP to talk XML.

The last step before launch is to create all the administration stuff necessary to track payments and membership levels.  It's all stuff that no one but I will see, but it will make everything work.


  • I love the thought of the non-techies, wondering about what kind of soap you are using.

    By dragon, at 7:19 PM

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