Monday, June 1, 2009

New jQuery Watermark plugin released

I have just finished publishing my latest free plugin, called Watermark plugin for jQuery.

The new project has been released on the Google Code site, and the link to the project home page is: 

The plugin makes it simple to add those little light gray tips inside text entry spaces on a Web page.  For example:

Sample watermark

The minified version of the code, which is included in the download package, adds less than 2,000 bytes to the page size, so the effect of the code is practically non-existent.

The project home page has an issue tracking system, so please report any bugs found.

UPDATE: Google has terminated their code project website, so the link above points to their long-term storage of the project.  You can download source code there, as well as view all the project documentation.  However, the project is no longer being actively updated.