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Quick Nickels (Pick-4) Sunday 10/07/2012

Today, Sunday 10/7/2012 we are looking for Root Sums (1) (9) (5) (4) and (7) to fall so work those into your work outs for today.

If you were born under any of these birth signs then pay close attention to the numbers from my Table I and Table II selections for the past three (3) days and those numbers at the begining of this thread.

Do run your own work outs to determine the most likely way the number is going to fall in YOUR state game.

If you would like for me to do a WORK OUT to determine that exact draw order sequence be advised that I charge a fee for that service. You can contact me by private message for more details on that.

For all my frineds here on the Lottery Post, today Sunday 10/07/201 get my Table I and Table II Numbers by sending a REQUEST by private message, request list P4DUM1007SUN

From this list select those numbers that match YOUR astrological birth sign to play and win.

I am going to be available to answer questions and provide tips to help you guys win.

Let's go and Make 'Dat Money. I've made thousands playing the Pick-4 game and so can you.

Thank you.



  • Root Sum (5) Winner

    mjwinsmith     Ontario     Pick 4 Midday
    Straight + 12-Way Box     6-9-2-6     6-9-2-6     $2,700

    By mjwinsmith, at 4:49 PM

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