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Sunday, April 14, 2024

This should Disrupt every American!

REMINDER: The Biden Administration Granted Iran Billions in New Sanctions Relief Just One Month Ago

By  Apr. 13, 2024 10:00 pm94 Comments

Tonight, as Iran launches attacks on Israel, it is important to remember that exactly one month ago the Biden administration granted new sanctions relief to Iran that gave the country access to billions.

The move was criticized by Republicans and downplayed by Democrats and the liberal media.

It’s just another reminder that Biden has a habit of making the exact wrong decision on foreign policy every single time.

FOX News reported in March:

US frees up billions in sanctions relief to Iran as Tehran proxies wreak havoc in region

White House national security advisor John Kirby on Friday said the funds from a sanction waiver extended this week by the Biden administration to permit Iraq to purchase energy from Iran will not go to its “mullahs.”

“None of this money goes to the mullahs. None of this money goes into Tehran. The sanctions relief that is provided actually goes to vendors that provide humanitarian assistance to the Iranian people,” he told Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich, during a Friday press briefing. “Not only do the Iraqi people not suffer because of this, the Iranian people aren’t going to suffer because of this.”

“That allows for Iraq to be able to work its way off of Iranian energy so that they can keep the lights on,” Kirby said.

The Biden administration on Thursday came under criticism after it again extended a sanction waiver despite repeated pushback from those concerned that Iran could misuse the funds.

This is all connected.

Richard Grenell
Donald Trump had Iran broke. Joe Biden gave the Iran Regime hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief, credit and cash. Iran is now attacking Israel with Joe Biden’s money.


grwurston said...

Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy decision he's ever made for the last 50 years.

3:39 AM
sully16 said...

We have people celebrating in Dearborn, sad very sad.

9:15 AM
noise-gate said...

* Come on MD, the piece you posted says " the money is used by vendors for humanitarian issue." You posting misinformation. Plus the decision on humanitarian uses was agreed by all the countries in on this deal- not the US alone. Gee.

7:09 PM
grwurston said...

The Biden admin actually believes that the country (Iran) with the worst human rights in the middle east is going to use the money for humanitarian aid for it's people. Yeah right.

11:02 PM
MADDOG10 said...

Wake up NG, I thought you were a lot smarter than that!

12:08 AM
noise-gate said...

* Always awake, which is why l read up on this....

"How Iran can use the $6 billion involved in the release of 5 Americans
Kyle Feldscher Jennifer Hansler
By Kyle Feldscher and Jennifer Hansler, CNN

6 minute read
Updated 6:01 PM EDT, Mon September 18, 2023

* The money � which had been held in restricted accounts in South Korea before being transferred to different restricted accounts in Qatar via banks in Europe � is a a key part of the deal. Iranian and US officials were notified by Qatar on Monday that the transfer had finished, according to a source briefed on details of the matter.

While the Iranian government claims it can use the money however it pleases, the Biden administration has repeatedly stressed that the funds are narrowly limited to non-sanctionable purchases like food and medicine, and that they will be subject to strict oversight.

Moreover, US officials have made clear that the funding, which is Iran�s, not from US taxpayer dollars, is not under the control of the Iranian government.

Brett McGurk, White House coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, said Monday that �no funds are going to Iran at all.�

�These funds are paid to vetted third-party vendors for food, medicine, medical products and agricultural products to go into Iran over a period of years. If there is any diversion, we�ll know it and we�ll lock up these accounts.�

Republicans have been quick to criticize the deal, alleging that the transfer of the money is harming American credibility abroad and could be an incentive for US adversaries to wrongfully detain American citizens.

* Now, unless we are lied to, we have to go on what we read- not GUESS, as others are doing MD.

12:18 AM
CDanaT said...

"DON'T"          There, they(Iranian leaders) will abide  by the restrictions/sanctions.(eyeroll)

8:37 AM
MADDOG10 said...

NG, after all the communitive BS, do you really think they're going to abide by the rules? just like they've abided by their nuclear program right? If they have the monies for their missiles, why didn't they spend it on their citizens? Don't be so foolish as to think they're not planning another attack. ask yourself why did they release these monies, I'm sure even you can figure that out! And you were so worried it would have been Trump who got us into a war right? what do you think you're on the brink of now?

10:30 AM
noise-gate said...

* MD, the money is in Qatar banks, and they can't touch it,only the humanatarian vendors can. Besides- Iran has oil fields, it's not as though they broke. They don't have a war going on at present, which can be costly. Those drones fired at Isreal were pocket money & nothing to worry about. Now when they had a war with Iraq,  that kept them busy, now it's just propaganda from them.

5:11 PM
grwurston said...

So the money is going from restricted accts in South Korea, to restricted accts in Europe, to restricted accts in Qatar, then to the vendors.
Sounds like money laundering to me. Or at the very least an effort to eliminate traceability for any accounting purposes.
And just who exactly are these 3rd party humanitarian vendors?
My guess is these "vendors" are connected to the Iranian regime. The US gov't didn't want to say they were giving the money directly to Iran because it wouldn't look good in the public eye, thus the roundabout distribution tactics. Now everyone can say, "It wasn't me".

6:43 PM
sully16 said...

Barry sent them pallets of cash, billions in cash and no it wasn't their money.

7:52 PM

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