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Monday, August 4, 2014

Why Is President Obama Trying to Save Hamas?

Why Is President Obama Trying to Save Hamas?

Shawn Mitchell | Aug 04, 2014

Shawn Mitchell

God doesn't grant us do-overs, but He does give us abundant try-agains.

Netanyahu is acting
to defeat Hamas. Obama is acting to save Hamas. The interesting question is which option would better serve the life and interests of ordinary Palestinians?

Fed up to the gills with assertions of racism as a unique American sin. Rubbish. Show me any society on earth that gives minority cultures and subcultures a better shake.

America didn't invent slavery. But it fought a civil war to eradicate it; passed three constitutional amendments, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965; and established state and federal civil rights offices throughout the land to enforce equal opportunity.

The ridiculous cries of American racism call to mind a Puritan flagellating himself because he's tempted by sin. The fellow isn't perfect, but he sure is trying.

If you are unclear about the importance of Separation of Powers for your personal liberty, imagine fighting a traffic ticket while the cop who cited you sits in black robes in the judge’s chair. Then use your imagination to consider whether this scenario has any applicability to the policy and enforcement powers of federal agencies.

I was about to click and read why George Takei and William Shattner don't like each other. But then I decided maybe life was better before the internet existed.

Here's what I don't get--what we aren't talking about.

Liberals thought Bush sucked, and especially in his second term, wished he'd go away. Fair enough.

But, today, Americans don't just think Obama sucks. It's pretty clear he's illegally using federal agencies to persecute his enemies. Audit them. Raid them. Put them in jail.

No serious person doubts it.

Where in the infierno is any serious and honest liberal to say this man is a plague that needs to be cleansed?

There has never been anything in America as cynical and outrageous as the Obamacrats saying: "Those dirty Republicans are going to impeach Obama!" while the cowed Republicans say "Who us?! We are not! Whatchu talkin about?!"

Meanwhile, Obama tries to think of the most insidious things he can do that either A. Will force Republicans to impeach him; or B. He will get away with and set new lows for conduct of the President of the United States.

Our union is becoming a pathetic joke.

If voter ID laws are a racist plot, then why does minority turnout increase everywhere they pass?

Couldn't be the proponents really are worried about vote fraud, while fraud-apologist opponents play the race card because that's the only card they got?

I love all dogs. Just can't understand why people choose some of the prissy ones. There are cats for that.

I love cats, too. Two, precisely.

Big props to Sonic Burger for giving me an ice water bigger than a communion sip.

Stop being jerks, fast food America.

No, Local News Broadcaster, the debate over the EPA's power grab to gut American energy is not between those who care about the environment and those who think jobs are more important, as if defenders of plentiful energy don’t care about our environment.

Of course jobs are important, but the main opposition to the EPA's initiative to kill coal is that we just don't believe the computer model scenarios predicting disaster if humans keep using traditional energy. And we know that more expensive energy will make life harder and more of a struggle for millions of American families today.

US science establishment: "Sorry. We were wrong about fat. We were wrong about carbs. We were wrong about salt."

"But don't you dare question us about carbon, you deniers!!"


Every Luddite prediction about technology was wrong. We kept getting richer. Now we're getting poorer because the parasite political class has mastered the art of wringing our throat.

Do the sheep realize that when Sen. Udall says wind and sun create jobs, he really means tax payer subsidies are the critical factor?

Mr. Udall, if sun and wind created wealth and enterprise, why does Washington have to suck us to keep it going?

The Libertarians who think it a pittance's difference between Romney and Obama haven't a clue the deliberate damage Obama is doing.

Do they know how many lawsuits his mini-me Holder is filing against companies for the sin of competing?

Do they know how many for-profit colleges Obamatrons are shutting down, simply because they hate the idea of for-profit education?

Do they grasp the private universities that Obama/Holder are trying to defund and dis-accredit because the schools won't toe Obama's liberal line.

Do they know Obama means to make our traditional energy as scarce and expensive as possible?

Do they know the difference between flawed policy and direct, malicious, transformative assault?

These Liberty Utopians are self-defeating and delusional.

No one believes Obama is protecting America’s best interests.
Everyone knows he’s pursuing his own agenda.
No one knows what it is.


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