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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Obama identity fraud: The net closes in

Obama identity fraud: The net closes in

Exclusive: Lord Monckton predicts accountability on 'birth  certificate' will come soon

author-imageLord  Monckton About | Email | Archive 

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, high  priest of climate skepticism, advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, wrote  leaders for the Yorkshire Post,
  • Mike Zullo, the volunteer chief investigator for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of  Maricopa County, Ariz., is not letting go. Like a bulldog, he continues to  investigate the outrageously bogus “birth certificate” Mr. Obama personally  endorsed as his own when it was posted at the White House website a year before  the last presidential election.
Recently, Zullo gave a briefing to the Constitutional Sheriffs’ and Peace  Officers’ Association setting out just some of the evidence that the document  must be a forgery.

One of the many bombshells he dropped was the news that a certified document  examiner with 20 years’ experience had closely examined the “birth certificate”  and had concluded that it was the most obvious forgery he had seen in those 20  years.

The examiner was not making a party political point, for he is a registered  Democrat.

Mike Zullo’s investigation has now continued for almost two years. He has  amassed many thousands of pages of evidence. His draft investigation report is  already more than 300 pages long, and he reckons it will be 700 pages before it  is complete.

There is some explosive evidence that he has not yet disclosed, because it  concerns third parties who may be connected with the forgery.

His determination is commendable. But there is one question the Obots raise  that now needs an answer. If it is so very plain that the “birth certificate” is  forged, why has Sheriff Arpaio been unable to put the matter before any court?  Why is Obama still in the White House and not in the jailhouse?

Part of the answer lies in the terrified reluctance even of Fox News to cover  the story properly. Fox calls itself “fair, balanced, and unafraid.” But it is  afraid. Very afraid.

A concerned citizen sent every congressman, every senator, every state  governor and attorney general, every member of Obama’s Cabinet, every member of  the Democratic and Republican National Committees and every member of the  Supreme Court a copy of my own briefing paper summarizing the evidence for  forgery. Fewer than half a dozen replies were received. There are a lot of  fraidy-cats in your governing class.

I asked one congressman why he had done nothing about the forgery. He  replied: “It is unquestionably a forgery. We all know that. But you, with your  experience of what the left will do to the reputations of those who challenge  it, know that if any of us were to raise this issue we would be subjected to the  same hatred, vilification and organized reputational damage that you have had to  endure because you challenged them on climate change.”

He added, “Scientifically and economically, your challenge was correct. But  they didn’t care about that. They did their level best to trash your reputation  anyway. I value my reputation, and I dare not take the risk of having it  destroyed.”

So there is no media pressure to bring the matter to court, and no political  pressure either. A state of such fear and funk now subsists in the United States  that no one will touch the birth certificate issue.

And that is a shame, because the in-your-face forged “birth certificate” is  arguably the biggest news story of our generation. In defiance of your  Constitution, the current occupant of the White House clings to office even  though his endorsement of the bogus document creates serious doubt about whether  he is entitled to hold that office, and still more serious doubt about his  fitness to hold it even if he were constitutionally entitled.

Naturally, the Obots have done their best to interfere with the sheriff’s  investigation. A trumped-up Justice Department investigation of him for  allegedly doing his job eventually ran into the sand. And an attempt to recall  him almost immediately after he was handsomely re-elected has also now failed. 

Now that other sheriffs and law enforcement officers have had some elements  of the fraud explained to them, even if Mike Zullo and the sheriff were unable  to persuade the attorney general of Arizona to do his constitutional duty, it is  now clear that Obama will not survive the fraud. It is only a matter of time  before some public-spirited citizen takes the short, simple, inexpensive stops  that will bring him to book.

Step 1: Commission reports from court-certified specialists in typewriter  analysis and separately in electronic document forgery.

Step 2: Refer the reports to a mathematician so that he can confirm the  near-zero probability that a document containing as many errors as this one can  be genuine.

Step 3: Put the reports and the mathematical analysis before a federal  district court and ask it for orders obliging Hawaii to release the original  documentation to forensic specialists acting for law enforcement.

There is actually no need for any further investigation. There is quite  enough evidence to obtain such orders right now.

Consider, for instance, the typewriter irregularities in the White House  document. Some specialists say they do not like to rely on typewriter anomalies.  However, as part of the case against a suspect document, they have their place. 

Typewriter analysis has a unique value in that, unlike electronic anomalies  that require specialist knowledge to understand them, typewriter anomalies are  visible. Anyone can see them once they are pointed out. They are as plain as the  nose on your face.

Especially for WND’s readers, I have updated a report that I compiled last  year on the numerous typewriter errors in the White House document. The  pdf document is available at this link.

Here is my challenge to the Obots. Provide a rational explanation for the  irregularities I have identified in my report. Whether or not the typewriter  errors are as serious as I consider them to be, there are many other errors.

So know this: Mike Zullo’s net is closing in, and – however many reputations  you try to trash for the sake of saving your fallen hero – Black Jesus is  doomed.



rdgrnr said...

Nobody in Washington wants to be the one to say the first Black President is a fraud and call for an investigation.
And the administration knows it.

9:22 PM
emilyg said...

Somebody needs to be a hero and be the f irst one to expose.

9:41 PM
jarasan said...

Fraud is fraud is fraud is fraud.   barry is half black, billy bones clinton was the first black president, at least billy bones could play the sax and rock the desk! barry can't even hit a hoop, frinking christie tele tubby threw better than barry at the carnival.......valerie is da bossie.

10:53 PM
sully16 said...

what is it going to take?

12:37 PM
MADDOG10 said...

If an Individual or Group isn't afraid of being ridiculed or brow beaten they can start the process and when the word gets out the unscrupulous will not be able to muster any other deceit except for their initial mud slinging. The networks and media would have to cover it or get blown out by some that will...

1:45 PM

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