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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remebering 9/11


Remebering the lives that were lost, and the lives that were touched this day in 2001.



Not to undermine anyone, nor to place myself above anyone, I just hope people never Forget this tragic day...!


deadray said...

indeed Maddog, indeed!

10:58 AM
Todd said...

I agree, never forget -

11:16 AM
konane said...

May we all look forward to the day those who were behind this are brought to justice.

12:26 PM
MADDOG10 said...

Thanks Deadray, Todd and konane...

2:36 PM
Rick G said...

Konane said it best.

2:48 PM
joker17 said...

How will we ever bring those to justice If there will never be a reopening of the case for further scrutiny?....Good luck trying to prosecute the Illuminati, and the Post Nazi wannabe shadow govt. that were directly

3:43 PM
MADDOG10 said...

Thanks Rick G , and Joker17.
Fate has a funny way of rearing her ugly head, and I believe those who were resposible will be walking alone when the debt collector comes calling.

8:23 AM

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