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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The vote

If the people of the U.S. are niave enough to put NOBAMA in the White House, you deserve everything that you're going to get.

I don't care if you're an elephant or Jack-ass, this man will do five times as much harm to this country than any other man has ever done. I hate to say this, but even if NOBAMA is elected, there is some nut-case out there who wants to be a martyr and will succeed in eliminating him. I don't want that to happen but this is reality in this erratic world.. 


tnwinner said...

I agree 100 percent. i hope they are a good shot... it will happen we cannot let him ruin this great nation with a socialist bulls**t beleifs

10:39 PM
ThatScaryChick said...

tnwinner, you seriously just wished that someone would assassinate him? You're an ass.

11:05 PM
MmeFlorida said...

how intelligent was that? We have the right to agree or disagree with anyones political view- but if you cannot do it in a civil matter and then actually advocate a persons death you are one sick individual..

11:16 PM
pacattack05 said...

Is it really that surprising that the republicans resort to violence to solve problems? They've been programmed by Rush Bimbo.

If you don't like him, just kill him, even if he's not the guilty one. Sadam, Obama, they're all the same....

11:20 PM
Tenaj said...

Way to Go ThatScaryChick. Nobody wins when the price is hate.

11:42 PM
Todd said...

@MADDOG - Excellent commentary, as usual! You always manage to cut straight to the point and hit the nail right on the head -- and keep me laughing at the same time!

12:58 AM
Todd said...

@tnwinner - Let's just all vote to keep Obama out of office. NO person should be harmed in the USA for their beliefs, but it doesn't mean we need to have a Socialist for president. We need to show all these people why the guy would wreck the country, and hope they have the sense to not vote for him.

1:01 AM
jarasan said...

He could be disqualified if he does pull this out, it could end up being Biden.

Someone has made death threats against Joe the Plumber! I think Barry should come out and denounce this, but don't hold your breath.

8:37 AM
NBey6 said...

Are you serious?? Almost have the planet can't wait for Bush and all of those who elected, followed and trusted him to have to take a little bit of their own medicine!

George Bush is by far the absolute worst president on the planet and yet McCain sided/voted with him 90% of the time, by his own admission.

Need I say more...

8:52 AM
NBey6 said...

The people of the U.S. were naive enough to put Bush in office, twice, so what of it.
Now how would you know that they "will succeed in eliminating him?" That was said about George Bush too, but it never happened!!

I have NO RESPECT for anyone who wants, encourages, or promotes a person to kill, assasinate/murder someone because they don't believe what you believe.

10:16 AM
MADDOG10 said...

    I don't advocate that any one hate anyone for their views. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what could happen. Have you even seen what NOBAMA intends to do to the coal industry if elected? The deep south is like a volcano ready to errupt if that ever happens. I still say this is a senerio that could happen to NOBAMA..! Why ?
    Well, not everyone likes blacks for one, for two if the coal industry is closed who do you think they will blame???? Open your mind and ears. As i've stated in my original blog, I stated I didn't want this to happen but with things in this country the way they are right now, IT IS A REALITY, plain and simple.. If you have no respect for my views so be it, I didn't write it to displease you or anyone else . I have respect for everyone's views, even if I disagree with them..                             Maddog

6:46 PM

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