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Monday, September 4, 2023

Stop looking at how - start asking WHY?

“A wise man’s question contains half the answer.” 
Solomon Ibn Gabirol

This quote provides such a powerful look inside what we are about to discuss. When a wise man stops asking questions a certain way, and decides to ask a new question, it's within that question, the answer is held.

If you've been in the Pick 3 forums, there's no doubt you've seen me posting "Raw Numbers" in each state's respective thread. You may have even clicked over to see my thread: Win Pick 3's State Predictions vs WINS

Or maybe you've clicked over and saw my Trips Tracker Alert(s). Either way, you've probably seen me around the forums with my numbers.

In my Win Pick 3's State Predictions vs WINS thread, I dare to challenge myself by posting Raw Numbers in the respective state threads, and then post a compiled list on one page to show my predictions for the day and how much you would have won per state, or overall. I don't think I've seen anyone else do this. Maybe there is, but I haven't seen it posted yet.

As I would post my Raw Number lists in each thread, I became more familiar with people and reading their posts, I learned something very valuable. People were looking at the draws from a completely different perspective. I saw more "how it happened", than anything else. That's from my perspective at least.

Before I came to LP and joined as a member, I was on a mission, because I had asked the question - "Why?"
Why was it these numbers were being played? Is there an answer to that question? And that simple 3 letter word, "Why?" lead me down a rabbit hole, and left me discovering something remarkable.

I tested my theory by writing code to track these numbers on a daily basis. To see if the reason I discovered, (by accident) was actually true - or was it just a fluke? When I started having a paper trail if you will of these numbers, I began to see there was a reason "Why?", and I was able to confirm that reason.

I have repeatedly left you hints throughout this entire forum as to "Why". Let me explain.

As I stated, I have posted in all the state threads the "Raw Numbers", which looks something like this:

Raw Numbers:
003, 470, 373, 523, 543, 223, 352, 883, 024, 002, 295, 222, 442, 729, 196, 327, 305, 355, 356, 584, 049, 383, 111, 022, 360, 517, 063, 051, 161, 616 

I have a reason why they are called "Raw Numbers", based on what I am doing, that is producing hits in states on a daily basis. Because the Raw Numbers are the answers to Why.

In the above example of Raw Numbers, that is the current list for Louisianna.
And the night draw for LA was: 032

Now, let's go back and look at our list. If you've read my other articles, especially the one about "Understanding Mirror Numbers", then you will be able to utilize that in the list below. Again, the focus number here 032.

Raw Numbers:
003, 470, 373, 523, 543, 223, 352, 883, 024, 002, 295, 222, 442, 729, 196, 327, 305, 355, 356, 584, 049, 383, 111, 022, 360, 517, 063, 051, 161, 616 

If we refresh ourselves with the core lottery numbers and their mirrors, we can see the chart below that a "0" is also a "5" within this list.

Core Lottery Numbers:  0 1 2 3 4
Mirror Numbers:  5 6 7 8


So, if we look at our Raw Numbers list again, we see 523 and 352. Now using the mirror list, that becomes 023 and 302 respectively. Remember what number got drawn? 032. So there are two numbers within our list when using a partial mirror technique, that tells us that a version of 023 or 302 is coming. And sure enough. It did - 032.

Remember I told you that I've been dropping "hints" all across the forums in different threads? In the Indiana thread posted by me on the 28th of August, there were "BIG REASONS WHY" 887 played. Here were the hints:

Raw Numbers:
026, 627, 611, 423, 244, 348, 016, 239, 101, 021, 374, 195, 445, 288 (887), 521, 041, 328 (887), 488, 337 (887), 227, 619, 195, 335, 088, 190, 611, 443, 506, 832 (887), 358, 116, 033, 288 (887), 556, 060, 119, 614, 060, 155, 288 (887)788, 560, 691, 489, 164, 664, 141, 439

BIG REASONS "WHY" 887 played today. 

Do you see how many times the verion of "887" appeared in that list? You may have seen me post a list that had a green box on the number that hit, and then in the list there was another number that was bolded. The bolded number is simply "another version" of the number that got played.

Want to try something to see how accurate this really is? Take the state you live in, and write down the last 6 draws, and then go into your respective Pick 3 State thread and find my posting with the "Raw Numbers". Then look for the 6 draws within that Raw Numbers list. Be sure to also look for mirrored or partially mirrored numbers. If you find a match, put a check mark next to it. Then come back and leave a comment and tell me which state you checked, and how many of your 6 numbers played, straight, boxed, mirrored or partially mirrored. I'd love to hear from you!

Now, let's touch base on my "Win Pick 3's State Predictions vs WINS" thread for a moment. In those posts, you see a list of all states and their respective "Raw Numbers". If you combine all those numbers together, you are left with a larger set of numbers. I've given this a unique name which I call: "The Block".

What is The Block and what is it's purpose
The Block - is a combined list of ALL states "Raw Numbers" in a master block. That's it that's all it is.
The Purpose - is a core list of numbers that will be pulled and played throughout the day. The daily average pulled from The Block is about 48 to 50% usage. Meaning, on a daily run of drawings, you will see an average of about 45 to 50 numbers pulled directly from The Block as "straight hits".

Now, let's swing over to the Trips Tracker Alert(s) thread for a moment. In that thread, I take all the possible versions of trips (eg: 111, 666, 611, 161, 116, 166, 616, 661) and place them into a list. Then, not only can I tell you WHICH trips/combo is coming, but ALSO in which state. With this list, I've been able to predict which set of trips/false trips would play in which state 17 times in 23 days!!!

Now back to the topic at hand... WHY? Why can Win Pick 3 produce Raw Numbers, that get played straight, boxed, partially mirrored or mirrored? Why can Win Pick 3 produce "The Block"? Why can Win Pick 3 accurately predict trips/false trips 17 times AND which state they play in within 23 days?

Don't ask the question how - ask the question WHY?
Asking WHY will trigger your mind to think differently.

I will be releasing another blog post SOON as to what that "WHY" is, that you can back test and see the results, and still use to your advantage across ANY state! This post will contain the answer to Why can Win Pick 3....

As I have stated, I've given you hints all along. And I will leave you with one more
“A wise man’s question contains half the answer.”  
Understand the problem - you will have the answers.

Til then...
Win Pick 3


  • At 11:58 AM, lakerben said…


  • At 12:34 PM, sully16 said…

    So you're selling something...

  • At 12:39 PM, winpick3 said…

    No! I'm not selling ANYTHING!

  • At 4:30 PM, Tashialucas said…

    I haven�t completely figured it out yet but your methodology is the best I�ve seen.

  • At 4:35 PM, winpick3 said…

    Thank you! When I release "Why", you will see, all of this ties together, and anyone can do it, in any state, and win - with the right approach.

  • At 5:51 PM, Bounty-Hunter said…

    Looks very interesting..

  • At 7:44 AM, keodmo said…

    Thank you so much for providing a methodology using a programmers mindset.  I work where I sell pick 3 tickets to the public and see people betting on superstition and know there�s a better way to spend that money which makes logical sense

  • At 11:30 AM, winpick3 said…

    Thank you Keo & Tashia! I appreciate the feedback. One of my skills for many years as a programmer was to reverse engineer malicious attacks on websites. (Basically find out why the attack was successful, and then fix it.) (Notice: "WHY" it happened).

    When I look at these numbers, and really pay attention to them, I see things, patterns, and use my coding ability to help me confirm or deny those things. If it's confirmed, I dig deeper into it and push it further, if it's denied, then I move on to the next thing. I know on the other side of "WHY" if I were to release what I have right now, I would be blasted for it. More filtering needs to be applied. But I know it's possible.

    In the end of all this, this is just information I share, based on what I see and my understanding of it. What someone does with it, is their own choice. I'm just providing information.

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