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Wednesday, May 15, 2024


UPDATE: Trump Accepts Biden's Offer To Debate

* Get prepared for .." l had low gas prices & low unemployment & no wars on my watch."

* How about your withholding the news of the seriousness of the Covid pandemic,  oh, what about when reporters asked you about Americans dying from Covid and your response was " it is what it is!"

*How about l got rid of RoeVwade & l am proud of it? Or now that it's in the State's hands- women can negotiate and make a deal!

* Careful what you wish for Orange One.
What's Joe gonna say? I opened the border, I had the highest fuel prices ever, I had 9.1% inflation. I did that!!
* Tune in. As for border: Trump will find himself in a corner, after all he torpedoed the " border bill" that a hard right Republican put together as a 1st measure, but once again,  the Cult leader threw his 2 cents in & ruined it for " everyone. "

* The highest inflation & fuel costs were brought on " after the pandemic " and demand soared " Worldwide. " You know all this, so stop acting stupid G. Your guy would have America believe that if he got re- elected, that inflation & gas prices would magically disappear. With such power that he " thinks" he has- why didn't he get rid of Covid affecting tens of thousands of Americans? Why didn't his " superpower" get him re elected?

* That's when you know you in a cult, when
your Dear leader can tell you anything & you lap it up. It's amazing that so called intelligent people will fall for this BS every F day, and then they want to debate over it.
* Know what your devotion to your leader reminds me of? What you ask? Is the same " kind" of devotion " some " folk claiming to be devout Christians manifest. They give & give millions of their hard earned dollars to Pastors  that live in multi millionaire homes, drive expensive cars, wear the finest clothes, have Gulfstream jets sitting on runways while the majority of the congregation worshippers live in run down neighborhoods, living from paycheck to paycheck.

* But don't you say a thing about my Pastor, his doing the Lord's work. Same sort of devotion, their guy can do no wrong. Si, who's fooling who?
FYI the border was closed until Biden got in, his first day he opened it up. Biden didn't need a border bill to open it, he doesn't need a border bill to close it back up.
* The highest inflation & fuel costs were brought on after the pandemic. Exactly. So Biden is 100% responsible for it.

By the way the last time prices were over $3.00 before Biden was Nov 2014. So there was no demand for 6 years because prices didn't go up that entire time, isn't that right?
Man you are so brainwashed by the msm propaganda, you repeat everything they say. Can't you ever do any critical thinking on your own or is that beyond your intelligence.
Here's your proof on the gas prices.
The stock market is at a all time high.  Record unemployment.  The gas doesn't affect me at all. Just win some lotto money and fill up that's what I do.
* Your look at history with 45 at the helm is different from everyday people. Your guy ran on � not letting people South of the border in.� It�s a crisis of his own making, plus his so called wall was less than 300 miles. Besides- the idea that people were not shaking in during his administration is laughable. Those caravans started under his watch.
* Besides: it�s all the other stuff that got him booted out of office, l won�t name them but they fall under � incompetence.�
* Inflation is a worldwide thing, not only an American thing. You under the illusion that it only happens in America & nowhere else. You can quote whatever numbers you want, but the fact of the matter is your guy is a failure, he joins the ranks of Carter & Bush Snr as not being worthy of a 2nd term. Attempting to overthrow Democracy really sticks the knife in with sane voters.
* If his not accusing people of trying to stop him from running for President, his making jokes & denigrating people. He belongs in Vegas, not the Oval Office.
*Before he lost the 1st time, he said the stock market would crash & burn if he lost & 46 won- never happened.
* His new prophecy is if he is not elected- this country is finished. Only he can save America, he is 77 years old & according to the Maga folks- he lives on to eternity, cause if he is not around, the country ceases to exist. Who knew!
There you go again. One lie after another.
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