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Wednesday, May 15, 2024


Joe Biden Challenges Donald Trump To Debate: Pick The Date

A debate with Biden is like debating with noisegate.
It isn't going to happen, it is a distraction and a feign to appear engaged.
Pedophile is nothing but talk!
Joe doing a debate without a teleprompter?   That would the equivalent of being called  first and middle name by your parents as kid........Not Good.
* Correct Jap. One in which as much as you try, you cannot win. Weird knowing l live rent free inside that head of yours.

* Have a pleasant day.
If being the laughing stock of the blogs and having the most down votes on ones' postings is living rent free in someones head ?   ROFLMAO...Sure...Go with that one.
Let's watch it if Romeo isn't in jail!!!
Three guarantees about the debate. 1) Biden will be wired on Red Bull or something else. 2) Biden will know the Q&As before hand. 3) Whenever Trump puts Biden on the spot the moderator will rescue Biden by saying, "Lets move on to something else."
I also think one debate should be on a conservative network, one on a dem network.
* No G, Trump " should be victories over Joe" after all- we constantly reminded that he is senile & can't function without a teleprompter. Trump should mop the floor with Biden, his that lying. Trump gets "one shot" one opportunity as Eminem said.

* l just don't want 45 talking over Joe or interrupting the guy- the debate are not one of his rallies where he can spew one untruth after another. If he doesn't act Presidential on the stage- forget about a 2nd debate, after all- a adult does not debate with a child, especially if they misbehave. We all know that!
* The Maga minions better be paying attention: Nikki H got 20 plus % in the Primary yesterday & that should spook the Trump camp. Haley dropped out 2 months ago & she is eating into your Cult leader's support amongst Conservatives, and that is why he wants to debate. He said he didn't need Nikki's supporters- the Orangutan is that clueless. Come November,  he won't accept reality & blame himself fir his failure- he will once again say " they rigged it" never accepts the blame for anything & that will be his undoing.
First question I would ask ole Joe....What week exactly did you discover that you were given a 9%  inflation rate from the previous administration? Cause you have said it twice now in the last couple of weeks ?
* Yo, fake cop. You mentioned that l am the laughing stock of blogs, you correct- wanna know why l think so? Cause to get what you call � thumbs up ratings � in the news forum,  one has to be a member of the Cult. Think me crazy? Hmm�

* Just take a look at the cult members who post a response to just about anything. The Maga buzzards will coalesce around that individual & shore up their post. Fortunately- in blogs, l can hand out lunches on a regular basis without a thought of a ratings, which l am sure drives you guys nuts. I think if l posted the word � the � in the forum,  l would get a thumbs down. You guys are that predictable & weak minded. I would gladly forego a rating than to support someone who wishes he could nail his daughter.Anyways- you heard it here first.
If you don't care about down votes and ratings then why are always bringing it up?
* l didn't bring it up, Dana did & l explained my point & l am " on point." The rating system is how the Maga folks stay together & target anyone " Not Maga." You guys will downgrade Any F thing " Stack, Floyd or others post- regardless of the topic, because you guys are childish.

l found that crap out a long time ago, which is
why l hardly post anything in there, unless it's to prove my point. In the blogs, the trenches is where points are made & for better or worse, stupidity is easily exposed. The sad part is that facts mean nothing in the blog section, cause if they did- you wouldn't be a Maga supporter cause truth would have broken through. But like they say " some nuts are harder to crack than others."
*sparkle-farts* is more like the village idiot.
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