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Thursday, February 29, 2024


Do you believe in miracles something supernatural is happening in front of our faces with Trump

3.2.1.....Go off the deep end Weasel.  ba ba ba ba but Jan. 6, wah wah wah Meanie tweets,   orange..
Teflon Don, Bruhahahahahahahaha.
He is not rude or crude, people are way too thin skinned. Sully you are correct, sparkle farts will be playing the broken record�.tick tock�. angry iranian goat lover�.
* Miracle my ass. Cry me a river, all those charges your demigod faces are self inflicted wounds. Think me wrong?

* Who stole classified documents- 45.
* Who was charged for rape/Carroll- 45
* Who wanted to overturn Democracy-45.
* Who arm twisted Georgia� SOS-45.
* Who�s delaying his trials since he is innocent- 45.
* Who�s associates: Rudy, Powell, Eastman, Meadows etc are being charged in actions against the United States-45.
* Who did not lift a finger when chants of � hang Mike pence � was shouted out on Jan 6th by the folks storming the Capital -45.
* Who is losing 40-50% of Republican voters to Nikki who do not want him back in the WH- 45.
* Saying it�s the DOJ, Joe & others is
cult talk. So, cry me a F river.
* So
* Your cult leader is 77 years old, but to hear you fools carry on- he is in his 50�s.

*He is an obese F who claims he weights 215 lbs, something you all believe- why? Because the idiot says so. When he says he is getting indicted, it�s for you. Stealing doc, raping women, lying- it�s all for you guys.

* How do you spell suckers again?
* Instead of attacking my posts: counter with evidence that proves l am wrong. If you can�t- shut your cake holes.
You guys called it.  HAHAHA!!!
* No, they didn't call anything- what they proved is this...

* That NG lives rent free inside those silly heads of yours, after all- why would you think of me in your very 1st post. So the " hahaha" is on you seeing that you guys live in a
alternate reality.

* So true, you can't fix stupid. Tell you what,  when your leader fails in his attempt to secure the WH, the Maga movement will due a slow death, why you ask? Cause your aging leader has no successor, it's him & only him. Meaning, the movement dies with him. Pretty sad, ain't it  huh G?
Wrong.  You don't live in our heads, we live in yours. How so?  We could post 2 or 3 sentences and you go on a 6 to 10 paragraph rant repeating the same things you always do. And you just proved it by by doing exactly what they said you would. LOL
Your TDS gets you every time. It controls you, you just don't realize it.
One more thing, Trump WILL be president again. Bank on it.
* Whenever someone posts " lol" it proves one thing, you looking for comfort within yourself, you unsure of yourself so you go of with the " lol" to make you feel good. It's similar to attempting to make a point and asking others, hoping others will " go along with your thought" by saying " right Chris or Jack. It's a weird back me up thingie that only works in the movies.
* Getting back to your so called point, l only mention 45 because unlike your warped thinking- l see him as unfit for being my President. He was one at one time & was a complete disaster. That view is now shared by most independents, all democrats & 40-50% of Conservatives. Of course that point will fail to sink in as much as everything logical.
* Your beef with me & others is that we talk about 45, well Duh. You fail to acknowledge that 45's actions are posted on Truesee's blog, a blog that demands responses. Just because
you guys can't come up with anything to defend your disgraced leader,  it's now TDS. How is it that the news outlets are not by that name? Is it because they journalists & we in here are not?
* If thinking Trump will be President gives you comfort, so be it. I will remind you of your loser when the verdicts on your toddler comes down with a guilty plea & no felon will ever be Commander in Chief, not a Democrat or Republican, and thinking a convicted felon will get saluted by our armed forces is a joke. Of course all that information goes over your head because as l always say, the Maga minions are incapable of thinking clearly. You guys show it everyday.
* The other thing worth mentioning: No rapist has ever become President of the United States- unless you think we should open the door to such individuals.
*How about murderers who have served time, could & should they run for high office- answer that and show us how smart you are!
* l am not mentioning your disgraced leader by name, so how about answering that one genius?
My goodness, little man went off the deep end, someone spike your grape Kool aid ?
Reading his posts is like watching Seinfeld. You watch a handful of episodes and you've seen them all. It's the same thing every time. Over and over and over again.
* Hmm, interesting G- here�s a EASY question.

* Why do Trump supporters show up his rallies when, like you put it � is like watching Seinfeld� after all, it�s the same thing being said every time?

* Both shows are for entertainment purposes only. Only difference: One knew when to quit.
I don't see how anyone with a brain could vote for trump. He was a lousy president and a even worse  human being.
I don't see how anyone with a brain could vote for trump. He was a lousy president and a even worse  human being.
Why do people go to Trump rallies? Because no one goes to Biden rallies.
I don't see how anyone with a brain could vote for biden. He is a lousy president and an even worse  human being.
Hey grwurston !  My investments are doing great . The stock market is soaring and thousands are getting jobs with Biden. 
The  opposite happened with all talk trump t h e worst president e v er!
laker dummy nobody gives a fuque.
LB, Facts are in Biden's whole 3 plus years in office there are only 2 months where the unemployment rate was lower than the lowest monthly rate during Trump. That was Jan and April of last year. You can see the monthly rates here.
You can go as far back as 1948
Here's a little Dow Jones history for ya,
Jan 2017 Trump took office  25,227
Jan 2020    33,794  Right before covid
Mar 2020  26,191  Lowest during covid
Aug 2020  33,746  Nice rebound back to Jan 2020 pre-covid level
Jan 2021  Biden took office  35,349
Mar 1, 2024  today  39,087
There was 10,122 total increase under Trump. So far under Biden an increase of 3,738. 

Something is about to happen. What do these guys know that we don't.
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