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Sunday, September 4, 2022


Trump: Biden An Enemy Of The State He Delivered The Most Hateful Speech...

President Trump was just stating what every non-bolshevik normal America loving person saw and heard during that teleprompter reading that miserable senile imbecile parroted.
* Says Putin & Lil Kim's friend.
If you don't think Biden's speech was hateful, you're a f*cking idiot.
I don't know about anyone else, but that red background made me think, Biden's taking the country right through the gates of hell.
* Hmm,when 45 said that we need to build a wall  to keep those brown people out, the bad ones from crossing into the US and " raping our daughters" - that was not hateful speech? So every male South of the border is a supposed rapist, or implied to be one. Of course there are no rapists in the US, they only come from across Mexico and beyond?

* When 45 openly lies at his rallies & to the press, that seems to be okay huh. Lies are welcome, but warning America of the influence of the radical Maga movement is not?

* As for Franklin, he is not his father. Nothing more than a modern day Pharisee thinking his words carry weight. Where was his voice when 45 attempted to rob the voters of this country? Trump had a posse of Pastors & Preachers who had his back all those years- which one of them told 45 " Mr President, you have to let it go, you lost? They left Paula White out there to take the heat while the rest of those self righteous dummies stayed silent. So Franklin should just shut his mouth!
* Hey Bhagwan- l need the source for where you get non fake news, l want to go there. Why the hesitation?

* You got a big mouth, why not enlighten us?
You wouldn't be allowed to go there Numbnutz, because they'd tell you it has "no substance."
So STFU, stupid.
* That response right there is why you prove time & time again that you an idiot.

* Just come out and say you get your information from Trump. Don't be shy to admit it,  you stupid F.
* Why do we need a wall... 
Do you have doors on your house? Do you let perfect strangers come in and out of your house anytime they want? If not, why not? Do you ever lock your doors? Why do you do that?
Congratulations. You just answered your own question.
* Oh Please G, P3  OWNED your sorry ass with the " Source" demand.  You called his bluff or mine and he hit you right in your sweet spot. Now you  trying your BS on me. You not smart enough.

* Well, the so called " building of a wall" was never presented to previous Republican / Democrat administrations, nor were people that alarmed that money had to be set aside to begin the projects- BUT your fallen leader preyed on the weakness of his brain dead supporters by adding " raping your daughters" to his line of thought in order to get the Kool-Aid drinkers riled up. So your question falls flat, and your analogy is ridiculous. We don't live in a jungle where doors are not required, stop being silly.

* In case you did not know, those folks crossing the Southern border have been doing that for decades. There is no bridge or wall they cannot penetrate. Do l support legal immigration, you bet your arse  l do, but making that a driving force to be elected President? That worked up to a point, and then the voters finally saw through your racist leader's agenda. Listen- there are AREAS were America meets Mexico that a wall cannot be built, its to f dangerous &  rugged.

* Nevertheless- keep your silly questions to yourself, after all: l am blocked from adding my 2 cents to your blog, so why ask me anything? Got it? Good.
He didn't own me. I already knew that. I was just seeing if you would do it.  But at least he posted a source link, so props to him for that. I guess he just beat you to it?
* Well, the so called " building of a wall" was never presented to previous Republican / Democrat administrations,
Come on man, that's FUNNY!! Where do you come up with this stuff? The dems were talking about closing off the border long before Trump came along.  Biden wanted 700 miles worth. Watch it here.

Here's Obama talking about his bill being tough on border security.
So, do you lock your doors or not?
Tell ya what. If you start a blog here on LP, I'll unblock you from mine.
* Sure he owned you. You starting to sound like Trump- denial, big time. Listen, there has always been " a wall or fence" down at the border, - but the absurdity was that Trump was going to build one that ran from coast to coast, and is what your fallen leader was implying- which is why l mentioned " areas" of the country where it was ridiculous.

* Let me back up a little to clarify. l mentioned you sound like Trump in denying you were not owned, cause we both know you were. Trump at this recent rally of  "  lies" was telling his audience, which you were a part of- cause you watched it from the comfort of your home, and were suckered in as well, that it was a witch hunt and his residence was " raided" by the authorities.

He said " they laid all those documents out there as though l put it out like that" and the audience erupted in disbelief.  What the fool did not tell the audience is that " HE STOLE THAT SH** IN THE FIRST PLACE." Those items were found on his property, but the Kool aid drinking supporters were led to believe that the FBI simply showed up with all that stuff and laid it out as we saw. The fool STOLE that stuff, it was hidden at Mar A Lago but you never heard a word of admission from the Orangutan that he took those top secret documents without permission.

* Stay in the kiddie pool.
So do you lock your doors?  Yeah you do!! Why. To keep people out. Was it so hard to admit that?
A few posts back you said,  * Well, the so called " building of a wall" was never presented to previous Republican / Democrat administrations

And then in your last post you said, *Listen, there has always been " a wall or fence" down at the border,
And then you said,
* but the absurdity was that Trump was going to build one that ran from coast to coast,   
You're starting to sound like Biden. You make no sense.

All the way across the Gulf, around Florida, up past the Carolina's, around both sides of Long Island, the south side of New England, up around Martha's vineyard, up past Maine to Canada. That's one hellava wall.
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