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Sunday, September 25, 2022


Liz Cheney: I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Donald Trump Out Of The White House

The DOJ should rule that the orange piece of crap shouldn't be allowed 10 miles from all directions from the white house.

That orange baboon isn't qualified to be a street sweeper. Much less a politician of any sorts.
* Trump disqualified himself for high office again the moment he " went along with the idea from his advisors."

* "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

* Trump FAILED to: faithfully execute his duties, by protecting the constitution. He did his best to work around it and position himself as being above the law.
All that hate is gonna eat you guys up alive.
You can't carry around that much negativity without it affecting you.
Like the old saying, be careful what you wish for.
Them chickens are gonna come home to roost someday.
* Actually, the only ones doing the wishing here is you & your kool aid drinking buddies. No sane person in the US wants your fallen leader back in the WH.  He is good for trash talking at rallies, but sucks at governing.

* l don't know of a Republican or Democrat that wants to risk another insurrection and the only fool who wouldn't think twice of doing it is 45. The country got 1st hand experience on how he operates, and they made their decision to either keep him around for another 4 years or send him off into the sunset. We all know how that played out.

* He ought to move to Vegas & keep his show going, bus the fans in, he'll love it.
*  No sane person in the US wants your fallen leader back in the WH.  He is good for trash talking at rallies, but sucks at governing.

Tell us again what a great job Biden is doing on the economy, reducing inflation, securing the border, reducing crime.  We'll wait...  Wake us up when you're ready.

Btw, FOUR new polls say 72-76% of people, including a majority of democrats, DO NOT want Biden to run in 2024.  Why do you think that is?  Maybe it's because everyone except you guys, knows that HE sucks at governing, doesn't know what he's doing, and is doing a terrible job. That's what happens when you have a lousy economy, high inflation, high crime, an unsecure border, and a plunging stock market!!

Read about the surveys below.
Trump's favorability poll is at 34% LOL
* It's like l said- It's Biden's call as to whether he rans or not.

*You guy's want Joe to drop out so that the Dems can field a candidate that is not as " popular " against your Commander in thief.

*I know that's what you guys are praying for but saying 70 plus % wants him out isca wish come true for you fools.

* There is NO poll that says Americans want 45 back in the WH, and that's the " Most Important Poll of All"... suckers!
* Hey G, perhaps that's 45's problem. Just as he said" he simply has the THINK & stuff is declassified- perhaps he could simple THINK he is President again, or was never an Ex President. 

* As they say " You sure know how to pick them."
After all is said and done, Trump is going to be your President.
Get used to the idea.
It'll be easier on your mental state afterward.
Yeah ridge, just like on September 24th, all the internet rage from the right wing Maga group said he will be reinstated, and the second coming would happen on the same day,and of course nothing happened. Stop making stuff up.

You know for a fact he won't become president again, why do you do this?
* No his not. You want to believe that, and that's your choice. Trump WAS my President for 4 years, that l cannot deny because he sat in the Oval office & flew around in Airforce One. He was incompetent,  but he was my President nonetheless.

* The same is true today. Biden IS your President
whether you will accept that or not. You may not like him as YOUR President, but that's the reality we live in, and as you pointed out " get used to the idea."
* Bhagwan- you such an easy guy to get the better of, it's not even funny.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Numbnutz.
And Sleepy was never my President and never will be until elected legitimately in a fair and honest election. And fair and honest elections are not something Democrats do.
So get ready for (bow your head) "The Return of Donald J Trump" if Sleepy doesn't get us into a world-ending nuclear war first through his weakness and stupidity.
Ridge, the orange ogre will not be coming back to the White house. He and his corrupt family will be in prison, you can't be president while you're serving time.

Finally, some justice. If America lets him get away with all the crappies done, it's over. He doesn't have the presidency to hide behind anymore, it's finished, kaput, over and done with.
* Bhagwan- Trump is NOT running again, ever. Stop telling yourself that. He is sh*** scared of losing to Joe again. Come on, just stop it with that repetitive nonsense of yours.

*  I will remind you when 45 tells his minions � On the order of my doctors, l will forego running for President again, it is with a heavy heart that l break this to you� but l have to take care of my mind & health.� It�s a cop out, but one the majority of Americans will not buy.

* Your leader 45, is sick, both in body & mind. Better he pull out than Keeling over at a campaign. I would suggest you start selling your Trump coins & memorabilia right now on eBay to other suckers who find it worth keeping.

* Btw: Biden IS your President, we not talking about an ex wife or ex gf that claims � we still together � to friends, we talking about the leader of the country. Who gave a talk recently at the UN, was it Trump? No, it was Joe.

*You being silly- it�s like saying Abbot of Texas is not the Governor because he is a wheelchair. Stop being juvenile you stupid F***.
You guys act like Biden can do no wrong. HAHAHA!!!
If you want more higher inflation, high interest rates, high crime, lousy economy, and a tanking stock market, than vote for Biden. If not vote for Trump.

Trump 4 more years!!
They don't know what terrible shape the country is in, GR.
They watch Fake News.
And they believe every word of it.
Nothing but lies and propaganda on those networks. How can anyone with a crumb of sense not see it?
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