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Friday, September 16, 2022


Lindsey Graham: Trump could kill 50 people on our side and it wouldn't matter to GOP voters

Old Lindsey is as nutty as a Democrat at times.
I tend to think it's all politically calculated, but sometimes I think no, this guy's just a nut.
Sometimes he acts as bi-polar as Stinky.
For once I think he's correct, absolutely correct! Even the orange gaboon said it himself, I could stand on 5th Avenue and kill somebody and I'd still be president or something to that effect.
* Lindsay should know 1st hand.,he hated 45's guts when they were both on the ballot. Calling Trump all kinds of names. Then he pulled the old trick out of the book- " if you can't beat him, join him."  Now Graham carries water for 45, and all Trump has to do is point & Graham comes running from any direction.

* Lindsay is owning up to a fact: That the Kool-Aid Trump is offering, will capture your very soul & lead you obediently to the Altar of Trump. Bhagwan,  Trout mouth, jar jar, G & other less toadies are disciples of the fallen one. All 45 has to do is clench his fist Nazi style & they all take a knee as DeSantis loves saying.
* When these fools start calling Trump " his Excellency & high exalted one " they beyond redemption.  They have turned into Trump Zombies.
Welp Weasel, if you want to be one of the cool kids and hang out with us.....never mind go back to your echo chamber.
*Who in their right mind would want to hang around with Trump Zombies. You give yourself to much credit.
The only person I've seen "clenching their fist Nazi-style" was Dopey Joe and he was clenching both fists Nazi-style during his "Moloch From the Gates of Hell" hate speech when he declared half the country fascist enemies of the State.

Remember that, Numbnutz?
Ahh Numbnutz, I wish I could be in the sh!thole you live in for just a moment to see your face when the results come in and you learn that (Bow your head please) His Excellency, Donaldus Magnus Maximus Magnificus the Magnificent Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of All That Is and All That Ever Will Be has won the election again for the third time.

I just hope I don't step in any human excrement when I'm there in that god-forsaken den of iniquity that you call home.
Living free in the head of the noisefart the tranny I feel very icky.
Stinky just PM'd me.
He wants to know if bi-polar is a big white bear that goes both ways.
* Your excellent leader loves to raise his fist in a Nazi fashion, my thinking is: Wait, the guys previous occupation did not call for the raised fist, where on earth did he get that idea from? Probably thinking of himself as a dictator. Thing is, even out of office, he cant wait to show his sappy supporters the clenched fist. If he is not wrapping himself up in the American flag, as though he believes what it stands for: Its the fist. What a useless F we had for a President.
* Steve Bannon was looked upon by Trump as the Joseph Goebbels of the Trump Administration. Roger Stone was the Heinrich Himmler of the Trump party. What a cozy pair. That of course made 45 the Adolf Hitler of the GOP.
Yeah right Numbnutz, and who is creating an 87,000 strong, armed secret police gestapo to deal with what he calls the "Enemies of Democracy?
And who is trying to institute policies and protocols in voting that legitimize their cheating to ensure that they alone remain in power forever?
Sho nuff ain't Trump!
Be careful what you wish for, Numbnutz.
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