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Saturday, September 3, 2022


Joe Biden has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation ...

.. and 45 spent 97% of his time on Twitter until they took his toys away.
He's not only stupid, he's lazy.
And quite frankly, it would be better for the country if he just stayed there and ate his ice cream and took his naps for the rest of his term. It would be harder for him to f*ck things up as often that way.
And did you notice how Jill looks like some old bag-lady compared to Melania?
What a skank.
* During the height of the pandemic, your fool went golfing while Americans died.
* Well kudos to Joe, because the " lazy & stupid one" KO'd your boy at the polls. Don't take my word for it, just look at who's in the WH. No one just gets there- the voters put Biden there & you guys refuse to accept reality.
Jill is 71, Melanie is 52. You expect them to look alike? Are you insane.
She's been a nasty skank all of her life.
Even when Joe planked her when she was babysitting.
I see your first post was right after the rally ended, Numbnutz, what a coincidence.
"Never doubt Joe's ability to f*ck things up."
--Barrack Obama
* The country is in better shape than when Trump was booted from office.

* Donny promised during the 2016 presidential campaign that he would eliminate the nation�s debt in eight years.

Instead, his budget estimates showed that he would actually add at least $8.3 trillion, increasing the U.S. debt to $28.5 trillion by 2025. But the national debt reached that figure much sooner. The national debt stood at $19.9 trillion when President Trump took office in January 2017, and it reached a high of $27 trillion in October 2020.

* So, the guy is bad for business, Government business. If he got a chance to get back in, he would explode the National Debt, he is that reckless.
Funny how you always accuse us of doing exactly what YOU ARE DOING and accuse us of being exactly what YOU ARE! And you always name bills exactly the opposite of what they will do. I don't have to detail it for you, you know it's true. You're a bunch of f*cking liars and you know it. Personally, I couldn't reconcile living that kind of corrupt lifestyle. It's just too foreign to my nature. I wasn't raised to be corrupt or a liar. But apparently all of you were. And you have no shame about it. That shows just how deep your corruption goes. It's to the bone. In a way, I pity you for that.
* Look, l hate to break it to you, but those were his promises to the nation. Just as he promised that he would build a wall and " Mexico" would pay for it. Talk like that got the conservatives giggling because here at last was a " Real Leader." Somehow that must have got back to him because he kept pushing the envelope until it got him impeached. The guy never learned his lesson- after all he hoodwinked the establishment with " l am an outsider and l will do things MY WAY,"

* No American President with a conscience would have ever entertained the thought of throwing out votes to stay in power- so, someone on his team told him to go for it, after all, he was doing it for " the good of the country." Yeah, right. Its as John Bolton said, " Trump does not have the wherewithal to plan such a move. By the way: Trump did push our national debt into the stratosphere.
* . I wasn't raised to be corrupt or a liar." That may have been true when you were a toddler but you turned into one. The thing is, if you have been presented with " ALL THE EVIDENCE" and still decide to remain in the dark and accept lies, you become a liar because you push it knowing full well it is not true. Take Cruz and those politicians that signed on to not certify Joe- they looked over the same intel you did, the same press releases, the same everything and came to the conclusion that 45 lost. BUT they cannot come out and say so: The Base will turn on them, so they go along with the lie.
The end.
* During the height of the pandemic, your fool went golfing while Americans died.
Prove it. Name your source.
*The national debt stood at $19.9 trillion when President Trump took office in January 2017, and it reached a high of $27 trillion in October 2020.
Way to go leaving out that $6 trillion was due to the pandemic.
Here you go G......
Business Insider, oh brother!
Numbnutz, you said something about "being presented with all the evidence and still remaining in the dark." YOU are the one obviously in the dark and you only see HALF of what's going on around you because of your chosen sources of info, Fake News. Open your eyes and your mind, you gullible peckerhead. You're just one of their stooges.
So if it doesn't come from Newsmax or fox, the sources unreliable?
* Hold on there Bhagwan.  Every Established news outlet that has been around for decades concluded that Trump WON in 2016. You guys had no problem accepting those results. Fast forward 4 years and..

* Everyone of those SAME news outlets concluded that Trump  LOST in 2020.- Suddenly, they fake news?

* What you kool aid drinkers seem to forget is that election outcomes are predicated on whom the citizens feel serve their best interests.  You guys take this to seriously when you shouldn't. You fight & complain when things don't go your way- just grow up.

* People who were pissed & righly so were those who lost millions of dollars in the Bernie Madoof ponzi scheme. Their livihood taken away- you idiots act as though you suffered the same loss. Just stop acting like little brats, it's F annoying.
* Hey G, cat got your tongue now that evidence is presented? Bhagwan, go check other sources if you not satisfied with it coming from business insider.
Even Doocy of Fox  is asking for real answers to Trump's stealing documents.
USA Today Fact Check? Are you f*cking serious?
Or just trying to be funny?
Doocy has to do as his masters, Rupert's Woke sons dictate or be out of a job.
I haven't watched that sh!t channel since they helped steal the election.
They're no better for truth than the azzhole outfits you watch, they're birds of a feather now, just the way you like it. No deviation from the Democrat Government line, just like North Korea.
I witnessed it with my own eyes when it happened ridge. It was all over the news and on TV and everywhere else, you can deny it all you want, doesn't change the facts.
Yeah, all over the fake news, I know.
And 99% of the news is fake.
It's like you're caught in an eddy and you're getting dizzy and you can't get out of it.
* Bhagwan: You not even a good liar. I can see why Donald loves you guys.

* Pray tell: Where exactly do you & your ilk  go for " non fake news?"
He played golf 25 times in 9 months. So what. He can't take a couple hours off to relax and unwind once in a while? Do you want him to work 24/7/365? 
Why isn't Biden working 24/7/365 to fix the economy, lower inflation, close the border, and lower crime?  He said he was going to stop the virus. Why did more people die after he started pushing the shot on everyone , then died before the shot? Why does he spend 40% of his time on vacation? I'll bet no ever realized being president was such a cushy, do nothing job.

There is no such thing. Those places don't exist anymore. They have all been censored and shut down by the Biden administration for spreading mis/dis information.
How do we know it's mis/dis information? Because the main stream media says so. You know, the ones that called the riots, "peaceful protests", the ones that said Trump colluded with Russia, the ones that say the Southern border is NOT open, that said C19 came from a bat and not a lab, the ones the say the C19 shot is safe and effective, that Ukraine is winning the war, that JB got 81 million votes even though he can't fill a high school gym for a speech, the ones that say we are not in a recession etc. That main stream media. Why do you ask? Why do want to know? Don't you believe everything the msm tells you anymore? Don't you trust them? We do. Absolutely, 100%.

By the way, I just googled everything I just wrote. Fact checkers said it was all completey false and misleading.
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