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Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Why Democrats have a good chance of winning Midterms

Thanks to roevmember, Jan 6 committee, and trying to cut Social Security and medicare. Amongst other things.
The Republican establishment is not going to help MAGA candidates.  They would rather lose than give MAGA more power in the Republican Party.
Then we have the Dems big steal in operation.
The Roe decision has nothing to do with it, baby-killers always vote Democrat. The Jan6 Hoax- Hearings Fiasco helps the Republicans. The perennial claims of Republicans cutting SS and Medicare don't work anymore because the people know it's the Democrats who do that like Obama did.

JAP is right, the RINO Establishment crooks like Cocaine Mitch the Turtle would rather have the Democrats win than Trump cuz they don't want their swamp drained. Too much money being made. And you can absolutely rely on the knowledge that the Democrats have refined their cheating methods and will be hard at work to steal the midterms just like they did the Presidential.
Plus you have the fake news leftist polls trying to skew the vote now too with fake numbers.
The Left is EVIL and that is no joke.
And I take solace in the fact that even if they do steal all these elections too, that in the finality of this life, all the wrong will be righted and truth, justice and righteousness will return.
And the Evil Left?
They will behold the Pale Horse
And he that sits upon him is death
And Hell follows with him.
The dems and rinos only agenda is to stop Trump from running in 2024. As long as that is their only focus and they keep ignoring the issues people are most concerned about, the dems and rinos are going to get their butts kicked.
Just ask Liz.
* We all know that conservatives do not have abortions- what a break through. We also know conservatives do not take the pill. Conservatives are so � law abiding citizens � that the Jan 6th storming of the Capitol was done, not by Conservatives but Democrats & Antifa.
* We also know that a conservative President would never attempt to overturn an election because he would know that it was wrong, and especially a President that carried a Bible.

* Quoting scripture means absolutely nothing you fool, since you neither know it nor the power of God, just stop it .

*Even Satan quoted scripture to Jesus by telling The Christ � Throw yourself off this building because � it is written� ..

* You need to repent for your ignorance.
Maybe they will spread another virus so they can get mail in voting  JUST LIKE THE LAST F***ING TIME>
Good, we are trying very hard not to get that piece of s*** orange orangutan back into office and at any means. Even if it means cheating. Hell, if you guys can cheat, we'll do the same god  thing.
Numbnutz, you're the stupidest leftist troll on this site. At least the other ones know and realize that they are supporting the Dark Side because it will profit them materially because they're all too lazy to work hard to excel or succeed at anything.
But you? You actually BELIEVE all the bullsh!t lies you're defending. You just aren't smart enough to comprehend what's going on in this country. You actually BELIEVE that the Marxist Regime we have in power wants to HELP this country! That's howe f'ing STUPID you are!
I have more respect for Stinky and P3 because they know that we know that they know that they're on the side of evil but they don't care as long as they get free stuff.
But YOU are too F'ING STUPID to even see that.
You're just a loser slug, Numbnutz.
And that's all you'll ever be.
Go snivel to Stinky now so he can silently laugh at your dumbass.
Maybe he'll let you hump his leg.
Ridge , your in box is full.
* You a babbling idiot to put it blunt: Whenever there is a crisis, you name it: It�s Democrats. In your world: Only Democrats have abortions, if people are shooting each other, it�s Democrats. In a word, you pathetic yet you go on about � l will not judge others.� So you truly believe your sh**?
So just press your pause button & think before you put your thoughts out there for all to see- you spread lunacy, and not just you, but all you Kool aid chugging clowns.

* Wow, you seem upset, and here you were telling everyone that you � above getting upset.� Look kiddo, you small fry when it comes to debating & l told you time & time again you used to playing in the minor league but you persists in thinking you ready to take on the big topics- you failed.

* Since you brought up the � Actually believe � part of your post, you the one that believes : Trump won, everyone with a brain knows he lost. If anyone speaks I�ll of the Orangutan, they Rino�s including Mitch who�s mainly responsible for handing 45 pieces of paper with judges � Mitch wanted on the SC� not Trump who knew absolutely nothing of what was required- it was ALL Mitch & suddenly Mitch is a � loser � because 45 said so? You along with your pals are the insane bunch out there. Now run along and play.
* Did you know that this A hole of a President hated the FBI briefings? He wanted others to read the reports & then � alert him� to anything that needed addressing & that would make him look good.

*Gee, even a racegoer knows when to pass on a losing horse, but not you & your poor ilk- it�s Trump or bust. Hey fool, the guy has lost a few more brain cells since he was booted from office, but you truly think that the Country needs to go through another torturous cycle of BS where we hear the constant banging of the drum with � only l can fix it or some other sh**.�

*  Stay in the kiddie pool, it�s safer there and there are no waves.
omg, you are the biggest phony ever, you think you're smart, you're not.
You talk talk talk
welp, you're not allowed in any pool until you are potty trained. crinkle crinkle
* Resist wicked people of all sort, the Jezebels of this world are a root of evil- Thomas Aquinas. 225.

*.l say shut your mouth, no one wants to hear from you, least of all me. Keep your stupid advice to yourself.
You like to act real tough with women, Numbnutz. I hope there's at least one real man in California who catches you in the act one time and kicks your fkn ass like I would, you cowardly spineless jagoff.
Whatta f'ing joke, gaslighting to the fullest, way too early. Redwave is turning into a tsunami, paying off students loans on the backs of taxpayers adding to additional demoncRAT repelling repulsion. Even the witch peesloosli said this is wrong. Yesterday's election some deep research.
* You don't F get it do ? Ever since your friend started throwing her weight around others and ended up attempting to bring me under her thumb- l got to thinking that she � wears the pants in her house.� That Sh** won�t fly here with you. Perhaps she controls her man anyway she wants given that she said she has been married for over 30 years. In all likelihood if that�s how she operates- leave that sh** at home, cause if she thinks that she can apply that to me- fat chance. She has a potty mouth & no decent woman l know acts that way.

* So, F excuse me if that the way you like your women, you keep that BS in your inner circle cause l want nothing to do with any of that hot mess. Pass it on!
That's your MO, Numbnutz, abusing women.
I bet Sully could kick your ass and leave you begging for mercy.
Your old man must be a jagoff like you for not teaching you how to act around women.
Or was he a woman hater and abuser too like you?
* Are you F dumb, accept my explanation you imbecile or not- don�t try and go toe to toe with me after l F explained myself. You won�t be able to keep up. Since you Morons don�t except reality, it would be pointless going back & forth with you & l have time to find out the extent of your stupidity,
* Try your crap on some other poor soul.
� l have NO time to find out the extent of your stupidity.�

There- accept that D head.
Wow, calm down, Dipsh!t. I see I struck a nerve calling you out on your HATE for women. But you're just gonna have to get over it now, ain'tcha Princess? The truth always comes out sooner or later and you're an open book as far as your psychosis with women. Take your meds and STFU or I'll have you washing my skivvies in your kitchen sink, peckerhead.
remember noise fart is a tranny troll at high risk for the pox, trannies don't like real women, they are jealous of the real deal.
* l am surprised you recoved from that at all. I guess it's that denial medication you continue to consume, keep chugging away then.
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