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Saturday, August 27, 2022


Trump Releases One Of The Best Shortest Statements Yet

* Shameful is a better word. So you  " Make America Greater Again" by staging a coup?
* John Bolton was correct.

* He said that the fallen one did not have the smarts to plan the overthrow of democracy,  what he did have was UnAmerican F's telling him what to do. Since he has the attention span of a fruit fly, l am inclined to believe it. The DOJ needs to indict the fool.
Enough of his bs. Lock him up!
* Darn straight Ben. This fool is an entertainer, couldn't care less about being a President.  You know how he loves telling stories at his rallies about she did deleted millions of emails  that & his minions would say " Lock her up"  and he walks that stage with a smirk?

* Well the DOJ should " lock his A** up" cause using his own words, he did worse.
Your darn tootin Benny, Joe and his goofy kid belong behind bars.
* l speak for the majority of humans on earth when l say " No One Gives A F" about this guy anymore.  In 4 years he insulted our Allies, stole Classified documents, eliminated folks he considered " disloyal " as though he is royalty & wanted to give the middle finger to the majority of voters in this country- so when l say humanity has had enough of him- believe it.

* Saying Joe & whoever belongs behind bars is cheaptalk- provide the proof & make us believers. We had the proof on the fallen one, so that's a no Brainer. The idiot's actions on Jan 6th is sufficient.
The clown stirred up the mob & then went back to the WH to watch the chaos unfold. Yet these Kool aid drinkers in the forum & beyond are trying to convince Americans to give him a 2nd chance to carry pit his scorched earth policy. I say F that.

* i want him to ahead &  run, his defeat will be of biblical proportions as Powell once said. That will send this F off for Good, and not a moment to soon.
Making America Great Again!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!! It triggers leftist turdburglars like lakerdummy and noisefart.
* No one knows what the heck you talk about jar jar. Try and get into night courses & get a firm understanding of the english language.
Everybody knows what Jarasan is talking about, Numbnutz.
Except for you and Little Benny the Wimp.
Little Benny knows nothing and you know twice as much.
So STFU, Stupid.
I agree with Little Benny too, Sully.
Lock up both Dopey Joe and his Crackhead son.
Rdgrnr the wimp.  A typical Republican. Talk garbage and run the other way.  Reminds me of trump.  I invited you to Albuquerque to talk garbage but you ran and hid.  Now that's a wimp.  Im waiting!  I'm not little and if I was you I would change the 30 weight  oil on your head
Of course they understand exactly what I have written. These leftist mental cases have emotional problems, hate America, can't admit they are constantly gas lighting, have long TDS, and are at high risk for Monkey pox.
Hey, Little Benny the Wimp!
I don't use 30 Weight Oil on my pompadour, I use 90 Weight Gear Lube and the chicks dig it!
Too bad you don't like chicks.
You don't know what you're missin' little guy!
* No, no one buys into your jar jar and you Magats sense " of reality" which is why your views are in the minority. You guys bounce in and out of the real world where things function as they should. When things don't " go according to your plans" you guys jump back into fantasy world.

* Every single poll leading up to the 2020 election showed 45 " BEHIND" but like good foot soldiers, you guys hoped things would turn around- well Sh**, they did not- and that is when you guys went back into your world and the denying has not stopped since. Was there irregularities, sure there is NO perfect election " But was not ENOUGH of that to swing the outcome in 45's favor. He lost like many Presidents have in the past, he is a causality of time and there is nothing he or you pawns can do to overturn what was a " fair election."

* You briefly came out of your cocoons when the States wanted audits, and you had Morons like Powell and Rudy carrying water for your boy, your hopes were dashed when the courts said " There is nothing there to see."

* So, carry on with your weird belief that your boy won if it brings you comfort, far be it from me to interfere in your fantasy. The new claim is " if l am told l lost, its not true- the process was rigged." Go with that- and l may, just may light 2 candles for you guys.
* l repeat- no one except the Maga Morons " understand" what you posted ja jar, no point in trying to make sense of it. The ones that believe your crap are the same fools that were told that JFK Jnr was going to be resurrected from the dead and would be 45's running mate. Of course you may say " l did not believe that" but the point was made: Its your ilk that were pushing that BS.

* Mark Meadows: 45's Chief of State wanted the FBI to investigate the conspiracy theory of Italian satellites stationed abroad were used to switch votes from Trump to Biden. If ever there was a " bong moment" it was that.

Once again noisefart 🐒🐒 confirms TDS is real.
* Its obvious, you cant read, cause if you did- you were tear into my post on " where you think l was wrong." B
.. but of course you cant, so the same lame old " TDS" statement is what you fall back on, your comfort zone. No substance, no imagination.

*If Trump had remained in the WH for a 2nd term and l brought him up in a conversation: you'd probably shrug it off and tell me to get lost. But you cant because if you did, l would know l struck a nerve, and this tds BS is touching a nerve and you trying hard to conceal it.

* You remind me of something l heard 3rd hand.
A guy was pulled over by the CHP for speeding on the freeway out here and as the cop pulled out his book to cite the guy, the offender said " Officer, l know l was going over the speed limit, but l was racing to get to a gas station because my tire is running low on air and l didn't want to get my spare  tire out & start changing it here." Apparently the cop laughed and let him off saying " That's a first and very original."

*My point is : Yours is NOT original but you trying hard to  make it so.
noisefart you are an idiot tranny with TDS in search of monkey pox, STFU go away.  your incessant TDS drivel is nauseating, post something original on your blog and show us how it is done. do it, the first post is the deepest.
start here fuque face:

noise-gate's Blog
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noise-gate is a Platinum member.
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* Why should l start a blog when l KNOW that you Morons will fill it with BS. You learn from other's mistake D head & just looking at the blogs you guys have " Only you fools support each other, l can name all the idiots that attempt to make your blogs relevant." Why should l be part of that nonsense?

* Your fallen leader was under the impression that the voters would love him no matter what, that they were foolish enough to stick with him for another 4 years, but they said-NO. How can you support a President who said " l did not want to alarm our citizens so l did not tell them how serious the pandemic would be.  Now grandparents and parents are died because of 45's STUPIDITY. Why on earth would he think he deserves a 2nd term?
* Why would you allow a criminal back on the street, or better yet an idiot who did not know how to handle a national crisis?

* Would you give a serial killer another 4 years to keep doing what he was doing? What do you think jar jar?
noisefart your dog must have gotten fat eating your homework right???  NEWS ALERT you are a Platinum member you can block anyone you desire.  You are the tranny president of the least creative, unoriginal, and at high risk for monkeypox club.

Comment #22 Excuses, and more TDS. You are a one trick tranny.
* You not answering the questions l posed- plus you seem to be in love with " tranny" dated one, married one? figures!
* You a Star fish right- well l should have known- you into this " Tranny talk " because, wait for it.

* Starfish : Most species of starfish are gonochorous, there being separate male and female individuals. These are usually not distinguishable externally as the gonads cannot be seen, but their sex is apparent when they spawn. Some species are simultaneous hermaphrodites, producing eggs and sperm at the same time and in a few of these, the same gonad, called an ovotestis, produces both eggs and sperm.Other starfish are sequential hermaphrodites. Protandrous individuals of species like Asterina gibbosa start life as males before changing sex into females as they grow older. In some species such as Nepanthia belcheri, a large female can split in half and the resulting offspring are males. When these grow large enough they change back into females.

* l exposed you, Starfish Boy.
*  Some species are simultaneous hermaphrodites. Holy Smokes!
Just like I said ridge nothing but a Republican coward. I'm waiting.   Everyone sees that you are sidestepping the subject.  Put up or shut up!
"One Trick Tranny" LMAO!
Hey! Little Benny the Wimp is back for more punishment!
How ya doin' Little guy?
Whoa, Numbnutz is obviously chasing the dragon tonight.
Just another Manic Monday on a Saturday night!
Take your meds Numbnutz, I don't want your head to explode, you know how you get, twinkletoes.
I think Numbnutz broke his own record for posting the same boring nonsense speech a million times or so! Take a breather, Goofball!
Where'd Little Benny go?
Doggone him!
Get back here little guy!
I'm not through with you, Buster!
*Why would you allow a criminal back on the street?

Maybe you should ask the D.A.'s that. Gascon for example. They seem to do it all the time in NY, CAL, Chicago, etc.
Stuck in Folsom Prison
And time keeps draggin' on
And that train it keeps a movin'
On down to San Antone
* l speak for the majority of humans on earth

How do you know?  Since when?
Man up ridge the wimp.
Whatsa matter little benny?
Are your number picks even worse than usual tonight?
Numbnutz likes to use bits and pieces of my lines, GR.
The guy hasn't had an original thought in his life.
I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and sh!t out a better post than Numbnutz could ever write.
His husband Fredo is a lot smarter than him though.
Still dumb, but way smarter than Numbnutz
Numbnutz thought Cheerios were donut seeds.
He wanted to put up a fence and he went to Home Depot looking for post holes.
Little Benny!
Get yer ass back here little guy!
Why do all the WOKE Leftists run and hide when Uncle Ridge gets here?
Whiskey River take my mind
Don't let her memory torture me
Whiskey River don't run dry
You're all I've got take care of me
Great lyrics!!!
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