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Sunday, August 28, 2022


Joe Biden's approval ratings are skyrocketing

Great! Lowest unemployment rate, passed the inflation reduction act, chips and science Act, pact Act for veterans, first major safety guns legislation for decades, and a whole host of other benefits to Americans, instead of inject yourself with disinfectant and windmills cause cancer nonsense. We have a real leader in charge.
Somebody pulled an all nighter.
Took out the leader of Al qaeda, historic job growth, historically low unemployment, expanded the NATO alliance, American Rescue plan led the fastest job recovery in American history, confirmation of Justice ketanji brown jackson, rallied our allies and support of ukraine, once in a generation infrastructure investments, and many many more.
* Stop saying that P3. It's not possible.

* We constantly reminded that Biden is Senile, so l guess 45 is responsible for those numbers. He can fix anything, even being out of office for 2 years, he continues to have the Midas touch.
* In other news, an American female grifter posing as a Russian heiress was able to infiltrate Mar a Lago & rub shoulders with 45 & Graham. Had the run of the place, being able to come & go as she pleased- probably had excess to peering over those classified documents that were stored at the resident.
* Perhaps 45 gave her a personal tour of the place, hoping to box her in, grind himself into her & grab her by the ... as he loves to say.
6 points?
To 42%?
That's called "Skyrocketing?"
LOL, that's funny.
Especially when his Disapproval rating is 51%.
Looks like that one "skyrocketed" a little higher than the other one, no?
And then you have to take into consideration that this comes from MSDNC, so it's an extremely questionable report at best.
Democrats not only change vote totals, they adjust polls as well.
But once you go down that road, which they have, you have a hard row to hoe getting your credibility back. And as of right now, the Democrats and the Fake News media have none.
So this report is just utter piffle.
* As usual, you the F jealous ones here. The " Senile" one has exceeded expectations for the " Good of the country" and then we told " consider the source."

*That's rich considering you the idiot who goes to " Gatewaypundit,  Gellar report" because as we all know- those are channels of Truth. Fox & Newsmax getting sued- and you have the gall to he negative about anything that makes Joe look good. Where was your criticism when your fallen one expressed that law enforcement shoot protesters in their legs? Crawl back into that dark hole in the ground & stay there you.

* For once in your F pathetic life: At least be happy that America is thriving: Just look at the numbers P3 pointed out, or are you that obtuse!
DOW 32,283.40 -1,008.38 -3.03%
S&P 500 4,057.66 -141.46 -3.37%
NASDAQ 12,141.71 -497.56 -3.94%

Yeah, looks like everything is booming.
It's always good for the Dow to be down a thousand points.
I should have known!
You are a clown, Numbnutz.
Not a funny clown though.
You're a sad clown.
Those polls are just as bad as facebook and twitter when it comes to politics.
That's right JAP.
They're all put out there by a bunch of evil, corrupt, lying f'ing Democrats.
The U6 for unemployment is coming out 9/2/22 it will be close to 8% it is +7% there are close to 20,000,000 eligible workers sitting on the sidelines.  The markets are down 25% since the stolen election etc. it is all gas lighting on the left's part.

And two days ago it was the 1 year mark of the disaster leaving Afghanistan, 13 dead Americans, dozens injured, left behind $80 billion in weaponry, the people of Afghan being sent back to 13th century again, women there being treated as cattle again....yeah joepedo is the bomb alright, the world was one thousand times better before joepedo and his ilk FBI, media, CDC, committed treason and stole an election, certainly a coup. F'ing turdburglers one trick trannies believe the Mockingbird gaslighting media like good little obedient nazi youth.

The FBI and F'book admitted they lied about the laptop and were influencing the election, just like Comey did when the hildebeast was exposed, f'ing cheaters can't win on merit gotta cheat.
In mid 2019 the U6 was close to 3.5%, joepedo has more than doubled unemployment.
* The current administration is not about � Only l can fix it or some other BS� which is why  you guys are constantly walking around with a hard on over the � Senile guy.� Jealousy is rottenness to the bones so says the Bible.

* The US economy bottomed out under your fallen one, and it was so bad during the pandemic that it was the worst since the Great Depression, go check, do research. As for the � disaster of the pullout in Afghanistan � Do we need reminding that your inept leader put that shi**y  agreement together with the Taliban and part of that F deal was your incompetent choice of leader of the free world � releasing 5,000 � Taliban prisoners. We lost 13 good Men & Women but the previous leadership was a circus.

* The fool couldn�t  handle a crisis at home but sure knew how to put in motion deals abroad & leave it for other administrations to do the dirty work. WTF didn�t he pull our people out of Afghanistan under his watch, know why, cause the clown saw the craphole he left when he pulled our guys of of Syria and invited Putin in. You guys have short memories do and it shows. Mr only l can do this and do that showed us how silly his thinking was. America as a whole did the right thing at the polls by getting rid of deadwood.

* He better watch his ass- his recording of � Find me X votes in Georgia � is looking more and more like an indictment.  You can run but you can�t hide you incompetent F.
* What the heck is the hermaphrodite going on about now? Your guy lost, get over it.
* Talking about evil, your Commander in thief wanted America to get used to Evil. From his lying about just everything, to thinking that America would accept his behavior because after all, he entertained the country on TV. The known liar but h** about his rally crowds sizes. This silly man actually wanted to see his mug on Mt Rushmore, conservatives wanted Reagan up there after his stint in the WH & they were told than adding another head would bring the entire Mountain down- fast forward to the inept era we just went through and the fool thought he belonged up there. That silly thinking permeates the current maggots.
Looks like Numbnutz is having another Sunday Manic Monday.
Same boring speeches though. (yawn) (b-u-r-r-r-r-r-r-p!!!)
Numbers, facts, and reality don't count when you are one trick tranny with TDS and the pox. You see noisefart posted  "The current administration is not about � Only l can fix it or some other BS�. Jealousy is bad blah blah blah TDS OMB.

You can't retort with numbers or facts disproving any of the metrics above because they are accurate. You obviously are uneducated, have no work ethic, live off the govt. and are lazy. Let's just say, economics and ethics are not your strong suits.

So every time, it is the same one trick tranny diarreah prose of leftist narratives, no basis in facts just gaslighting truth dodging bu11sh1t.
You know nothing Weasel Snow.
* The truth hurts & like the Beatles sang " Yeah Yeah Yeah!

* If your guy was so Great as you minions claim- why did he lose?
*It's not maniac Sunday: it's an education you fools refuse to accept. if you were truly smart, you'd get it the 1st time, but being a generous soul, l try repeatedly even though l know well in advance that the message drips very slowly into hard- shelled craniums.

* Heck, even those we escaped the David Koresh & Jim Jones cults reflected on how they were stubborn to the very end, until a glimmer of light broke through...

*...that's what keeps me going. I am working hard to convert you back to the light. It's a monumental task but l soldier on. As always: Working for the greater good!
What a joke.
* It's only a joke if it's funny. Which is the reason you & your ilk resort to name calling etc, in language you can easily understand " l have nothing to defend with, so l will go with tyranny & other words." 

* That's the reason folk show up at 55's rallies- its to be entertained, yo hear him go on & on about " when l was President " admitting he lost btw, but none of those rallies have substance, they travel for a laugh.

*Gee, what would people have said back in the day if they showed up for an Elvis concert only to hear him " TALK " think the fans would have left the venue happy campers, saying to each other " Boy, did Big E give us a show tonight?"

*But that's exactly the opposite you got when the Orangutan came to town- " We laughed when Big D said " She should be locked up or it would never have happened on my watch"...  Mr entertainment tour. If someone asked " Did Donald speak about POLICY for the nation? " one would be confronted with " What's that?"
The joke is you, no substance, no facts, no reality, nothing but a one trick tranny without a single post on its own blog to make a case on merit or facts. You are nothing but an echo chamber for the  Mockingbird conjecture of the America hating leftist talking heads on MSDNC.
* Did you say Reality? I am sure you brought it up, cause the " Reality " is that 45 L.O.S.T.  However that mushy organ in your head encased in a skull tells you differently. Why is that- cause FACTS don't matter when it involves REALITY. Your reality is not the one the rest of mankind dwells in. Are you breathing air, l think not, cause lack of oxygen to the brain does...
* When Sidney Powell said she was going to release the Kraken,  l recall you saying you had to take a leak cause the excitement was to much to withstand. Our local peeing boy.
* Did you know that Powell confessed ggin open court that she did " not have facts & that she DID NOT expect people to take her seriously on her claim" that the machines were the cause of 45's lose? Are you still waiting for an apology in your emails?

* What Sidney was saying is that she sees your guys as " silly, stupid & gullible idiots" how dare she take advantage of you all? Maybe she took a page from your fallen leader & saw how you fell for anything he said.

* Btw: How long have you been drinking 45's kool aid? Plus or minus a few months?
Did Numbnutz pass out already?
@ Think......Excellent! And the videos that followed.
The dems here are really throwing the sh1t today.
Good analogy Think!
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