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Thursday, August 18, 2022


Joe Biden In Slow Motion: Must See Video

So Sad, SO BAD!
Poor old guy.
All he wants to do is eat ice cream and shake people's hands, even if there's nobody there.
Oh, and sniff hair, he loves sniffing hair.
And of all the Democrats they could have chosen for President, HE was the cream of the crop.
* Right, how was it possible for *Dementia guy to KO, the Orangutan? That�s the great part, that the overweight thug was knocked senseless by Joe who keeps getting accomplishments passed for the good of country.
*That�s what bothers you Magats, that Joe is doing so much, without the � Only l can do it�BS. No one misses that crap, except you toadies of course. Only in America.
* Btw: The Gatewaypundit is one of many outlets that has been sued in the past, what for? Do research.
*Glad to see you guys carrying water for the  outfit. They couldn�t survive without simple minds following them over the precipice. Aah, sheep!
You ask how it was possible for Dementia Joe to win over President Trump?
That's easy.
By cheating.
Everyone knows that except you apparently.
Because you only hear one side of the story.
And you scarf it up like hot buttered popcorn.
All of it.
No questions asked.
You can sue a ham sandwich if you want to.
That proves nothing.
Except to you, apparently.
* Still on the old cheating timeline huh? Okay, l�ll lean into it� prove it since no reputable agency including the US Govt, the courts & many judges that 45 appointed have said to Trump � Yep, you won!� Not a single one, including the entire SCOTUS which had 3 judges that Trump appointed saying � there is nothing there to look at.�

* Yet people who never went to law school or even oversaw an election are suddenly � Experts� undermining the work of seasoned professionals by saying � well 2000 mules proved something� and even the AG William Barr calling the movie � hot crap.�

* There problem we have with folks who live in an alternate reality is that they will only � accept as proof� things that go with their way of thinking. No amount of real proof is gonna get them to admit others are right. Which is why 45 will not admit he lost, if he did- the base would splinter. Some would say � he didn�t say that, it�s a doctored piece or that they heard wrong he was probably saying l loathe not lost the election.�

* In your world, Judas is in heaven & so is Jezebel.

*You poor things!
That fat bloated RINO pig Bill Barr is more concerned about when he's having his next triple cheeseburger than to waste time watching 2000 Mules. He didn't watch it anymore than you did cuz it didn't agree with his and your chosen narrative. He is as full of HATE as you are. People who are as consumed with HATE as you two don't give two sh!ts about the truth. He just wants his next triple cheeseburger and you want your nails done in the latest fashion trend. It's a waste of time talking to you cuz you refuse to hear both sides, your mind's made up. So put a lid on that garbage. You have no credibility when you only hear one side. And you've admitted you didn't watch it cuz CNN said it "has no substance." So go wallow in your ignorance and keep doing what CNN tells you, bonehead.
* That�s the problem with the party as a whole. Suddenly Bill Barr is a Rino, a this or that. Hey conversion is necessary to � see the light.� Barr saw that he was on the wrong flight & got off. You Magats philosophy is � change is bad.�

* You keep saying � you need to listen to the other side � guess what- l have and l quickly recognize BS & bail on it. What�s the point in filling one�s head with nonsense? The problem you guys have yet you don�t think is bad is that you want the country to have conservatives running the country & no opposition whatsoever. You guys attempting to turn America into a Western Iran. One head guy � Trump� and the rest his minions. Which is why 45
had no 2nd term agenda, he wanted to do whatever to thought needed to be done in order to hold onto power, and we don�t go for that.

* Not gonna happen, not now , not ever.
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