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Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Have the facts finally caught up with Donald Trump?

Put this dictator wannabe Nut Job away already! He's having a meltdown because he knows the walls are closing in. 60 Rants about nonsense and conspiracies.
* Yeah, more repeats. The right were warned years before they accepted this guy as the party champion. He introduced lies to the party of Lincoln and made it acceptable to the gullible rightwing nut jobs. So much so, that people died over his lies. Even a beloved Republican leader like Reagan did not have this many Kool-Aid drinking supporters willing to die for him.

* Yet these gullible supporters, no worshippers are still not convinced that he lost. Yes, l called them gullible because another fool in the forum is suggesting that Biden's daughter posted on twitter that her entire family " knows" Trump won. Did l mention G.U.L.L.I.B.L.E..

* Turns out that this " Biden" accused Clinton, Obama & Joe of rape, and get this: She opened a PayPal account to receive donations. It has since been shut down, but these fools saw a story and ran with it- and they wonder why sane people think they delusional.
* The sooner this guy disappears off the political landscape for good, the better it will be for not only America- but the entire world. When you stupid, you can tolerate stupidity and you bothered when others point it out. That's why we get pushback from the fools in here who want us to join them in idiotic thinking and behavior. We are saying " F No!
Just a whole lot more FAKE news. Why? Because the msm has been spouting so much of it and lieing for so long, they can't come out now and admit it. So... they're going to keep doing what they do, until Trump proves to the world what they've been doing all this time and all their lies and propaganda are exposed to the world. And then they will be dead, because they lost all their credibility and trust.  Until then the brainless sheep will just go on acting as their mouth piece, repeating everything they say as the gospel truth.
The moronic leftwing loons will never stop denying that Trump won the election. Wouldn't you think they would have accepted reality by now and moved on? How many times do they have to try to destroy him only to have it blow up in their faces? Every time we go through one of these witch hunts the end result is the same, NOTHING there. But then they'll just start another hoax or another witch hunt. It's time for you imbeciles to stop being election deniers. Trump won and we all know it. Just get over it and move on. Stop whining about it.
That's all they've got Ridge. That's their entire 4 year agenga. 
Let's say they did get rid of Trump. It ain't gonna happen, but just for S's and G's say they did. Then what will they do? What will they run on? They're done for.
They have NOTHING and the world knows it.
* Yeah it's always fake news when your exalted one is nailed for his screws up's. It's the reason the GOP is not defending him. They hoping that he goes away permanently because to be frank, he has brought enough bad publicity to the party.

*The fool has corrupted enough politicians on the right that some may never get their reputations back. History will record all those weak minded idiots that fell under his spell to overturn the election. America does not need him or them in fact America does not need your stupid kind as well, the kind that refuses to accept reality.  So crawl back into your dark caves & leave the rest of humanity to move forward.
* " What will they run on?" Biden ran on infrastructure & a hist of other things- he may not be successful at everything, but things are much better now than how 45 handled things during Covid.

* Your demigod " Ran on Nothing " for his 2nd term, he wanted America to simply take him at his word that he would be doing " great things ." When asked by reporters " So Mr President,  what's your agenda for the next 4 years?"  Tge fool said " continuing to focus on getting things done & making America Great again." As usual a silly response to intelligent people, but " Wow" to idiots on the right who loved being entertained.

* As Colin Powell once said" First we gonna cut it off, and then we gonna kill it." The voters did that, now they gonna destroy the Maga movement once & for all. You guys are UnAmerican- you idiots support the overthrow of a Democracy. America don't need your BS, ever.
*Biden ran on things. They all do. But what matters is if you do what you said you would.
Biden said he would get rid of the fossil fuel industry. He's trying. Highest gas prices ever.
Raise taxes. Accomplished. High inflation. Ruined the economy.
Open the border. Accomplished. 22 million plus illegals entered US.
Stop the virus. Failed. More variants. More people died after he made the vax mandatory then before vax.
Back the police. Failed. Result high crime.
Get rid of 2A. Failed.
Rig the election. Accomplished.
Get rid of Trump. Never gonna happen.
Be worst president ever. Accomplished.
Yeah, he's doing great.
2 million.
* You truly believe what you saying-which is unfortunate.
* Biden like many Presidents before him made " promises" and " gas prices have come down, did not ruin the economy, it was ruined under 45 during the pandemic. We had the worst stock market decline since job loses since the Great Depression. As for " Open Borders" that works well in Red State talk, BUT no mention is made of people who do cross the border and are detained and sent back. You make it sound as though these folks are welcomed with open arms into the US. Stop believing nonsense. Trump ran on " No more American companies moving overseas- how many did he stop exiting the US? He failed miserably, those companies continued to leave. He promised to build a wall and Mexico " paying for it." What a crock.
* We had riots and murders during the Trump regime, remember the carnage with the shootings and George Floyd murder and the fallout- all under 45.
* You guys all time favorite claim: The rigged election. Who RIGGED it by the way, millions of folk worldwide would love to know, including myself? Why has no one been arrested, that's an easy question- why cant you guys give us a straight answer? Instead we have politicians setting up new voting rules etc- to what end?
* If you have a serial rapist in the neighborhood- you don't tell people to add more locks on their doors and close their windows, stay indoors- you do not  say " That's all you need- you want the criminal OF THE F STREET, right? So why not go after these folk " you say" rigged the election?"

* Besides- Saying it was rigged is cheap talk, you have to produce the evidence and l am not talking about 2000 mules and crap. Or listening to Rudy and Powell go off on lies and now are either being disbarred or worse.
* Getting rid of Trump will happen: You forgetting that the voters did it in 2020 and the more he opens his mouth and does stupid things like stealing classified documents etc etc, he will fall short of getting into the WH. You seem to think that this nation is " waiting for his return" and you wrong. The Maga folk may be waiting, but the movement is shrinking, believe it or not, it is not growing and you know why? Cause it is associated with Violence. Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, 3%'s- folk carrying assault weapons' thinking they acting on behalf the the ex President. If Trump does throw his hat into the ring- he will lose in a landslide. He is in the rearview mirror of the American voters and they are not prepared to put a Thief and Violent leader back in the WH. They not stupid.
Nice never-ending speech.
Didn't read a word of it but I've heard it all before, I'm sure.
I guess I may seem to be acting like you in some regard, that I don't wanna hear your side of things.
But the difference is that I've heard your side a thousand times and the story never changes.
I know it by heart ---> Orange Man Bad. You just keep repeating the same things you always say.
But you? You've never heard the sources of my reasoning because your sources of propaganda tell you not to consider them, not to hear their side of the story, because in their words, "they have no substance." And you obey, just like the good useful idiot that you are. Pity.
* Well guess what fool- We, the American people have heard nonestop since Nov 2020 of how your fallen leader was ROBBED of a 2nd term & frankly we S.I.C.K of hearing about it. No F evidence but you water boys & girls stick to that claim as though it's true. It's no wonder 45 gets no respect, the clown is a loser & so are you and your ilk.
* The source of your reasoning is BS. You quote right wing propaganda & expect people to accept it. Who were the one's that pushed the voting machines messing with 45's victory? Fox & Newsmax, who are both sued. How about Powell bringing up Hugo Chavez who died years before as part of the cover up- is that the " reasoning" you want me to accept?

* Your idiotic thinking where you were not concerned about 45 asking Raff to " find him X amount of votes" as though the Sec Of State for Georgia " knew "where those votes were stashed? Is that the reasoning we talking about? You a F joke, thing is you don't know it, well you do- you just being hard headed just like that Pharaoh of Egypt.
* Btw: When was a politician or State Representative on Capitol Hill get a choice to either support the Constitution or support the President of the United States. Which comes first?

* Apparently according to your party, it's party over Country. So please save your F lecture on your reasoning that suppose to enlighten us on the " witch hunt & persecution Sh**" we expected to believe.
* gas prices have come down, did not ruin the economy, it was ruined under 45 during the pandemic.
If Trump ruined the economy why do we have 9% inflation today with Biden?
Jan 2021 I paid $2.30 a gal. I just paid $3.60 3 days ago. Gas prices are down from their high of $5.00  but they're still up, thanks to Biden.

*We had the worst stock market decline since the Great Depression. 
Not at all.  Compare 2020 to 2022. Now 2022 is bad. Worst year since 2008.
Stop believing what the fake news tells you, they're lieing. Here's more proof.

Dow Jones Industrial Average - Historical Annual Data as of 9/1/2022
Year Average
            Closing Price Year Open   Year High       Year Low      Year Close  Annual % Change
2022 33,323.57 36,585.06 36,799.65 29,888.78 31,656.42 -12.88%
2021 34,055.29 30,223.89 36,488.63 29,982.62 36,338.30   18.73%
2020 26,890.67 28,868.80 30,606.48 18,591.93 30,606.48    7.25%
2019 26,379.55 23,346.24 28,645.26 22,686.22 28,538.44   22.34%
2018 25,046.86 24,824.01 26,828.39 21,792.20 23,327.46   -5.63%
2017 21,750.20 19,881.76 24,837.51 19,732.40 24,719.22   25.08%
2016 17,927.11 17,148.94 19,974.62 15,660.18 19,762.60   13.42%
2015 17,587.03 17,832.99 18,312.39 15,666.44 17,425.03    -2.23%
2014 16,777.69 16,441.35 18,053.71 15,372.80 17,823.07     7.52%
2013 15,009.52 13,412.55 16,576.66 13,328.85 16,576.66   26.50%
2012 12,966.44 12,397.38 13,610.15 12,101.46 13,104.14     7.26%
2011 11,957.57 11,670.75 12,810.54 10,655.30 12,217.56     5.53%
2010 10,668.58 10,583.96 11,585.38 9,686.48         11,577.51    11.02%
2009 8,885.65 9,034.69         10,548.51 6,547.05         10,428.05    18.82%
2008 11,244.06 13,043.96 13,058.20 7,552.29          8,776.39   -33.84%
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