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Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Eric Trump: My father is breaking all fundraising records since raid

Glad to hear it.
Think I'll send him a Benjamin tonight.
Why would anyone give money to a billionaire?
Cuz I appreciate what he did and will do for my country.
And I like that it seems to piss off peckerheads.
Then send him a Hallmark card. The FEC imposes no limits on the amount of money a person can contribute to their own campaign from their own personal funds. He'll be just fine if people save their hard earned money and let him fund his own campaign.
You send him a Hallmark Card if you want.
I'll send him whatever the f*ck I want to send him.
In fact I might send him 2 Benjamins now if it bothers you that much.

I send money lots of money because it makes me feel good, very good. Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!
Send him all your benjis. He's laughing all the way to the bank.
You can send yours to Biden, we'll send ours to Trump.
* Trump never misses an opportunity to get money from his regular suckers. Right after the FBI raided his home in FL, he sent an urgent email to Lawrence O Donnell of MSNBC and asked for $45.00- saying its to fight fascism.
I like seeing my President laugh.
I got a feelin' Coque-eyed Joe is just a cheapskate.
Could be a broke-ass derelict like Numbnutz too I guess.

* While we on the topic of attacking forum members that do not agree with you, why do you or your fellow sycophants like to report people when it gets to hit in the kitchen, where the F are your stones? You and your pals are spineless toads who love to dish it out but when folks pushback, you cry foul.

* Just donít start with the ď was not me BSĒ you part of the group, one guilty- all guilty. I donít care in the least about you & other Kool aid drinkers down grading my posts because mine make sense to me & l can spot posts by Karenís & kens- which you guys are. See you out there Ken.
Nobody reported you for anything, you've never made enough sense for anybody to understand what the hell your problem is. All you do is piss and moan and recite the Democrat Talking Points of the day. It's all rather tedious if you ask me.

Maybe management doesn't like all your racist insults and deletes them. Have you considered that? You call Sully a "Jungle Monkey" and then you post a pic of a black man and make a reference to a "Mountain Gorilla" and you think that's ok? You and Stinky need to keep your racism to yourselves.
* The F you say. I have been here 10 years and during that time - all my posts that have been deleted had something to do with my responses to conservatives being told where they wrong or them not liking what they told. You of all people get away with much- you insult people & when we bring the heat, suddenly our posts are deleted in order take you look good. You pulled this crap a few months ago with talking about SF & then you go after Tony for talking about rats- what the f is up with your thinking, never seen any rats on your property? Always this constant finger pointing and talking down to people- so spare me your sanctimonious BS about ď no one reported you.Ē
* Racism? Surely you jest. Whoís the ones that talk about we need the wall at the border? If those folks south of the border were blond and blue eyed- there would not be talk about building a F wall, donít kid yourself. By the way: since l didnít mention who the mountain gorilla was- why would you think it was you? You weight 400lbs? cause thatís the weight of a silverback. Whatís your fascination with going after Stack, he clearly avoids your for a reason, itís because you a mental case. Now you piggybacking his blog & turning it into yours because of course- you have nothing better to do. Figures.
* That pic of a black guy had nothing to do with Mt Gorilla you stupid F. It was him saying ď thatís rightĒ and laughing about it, of course that hurt your feelings and suddenly itís ď racism?Ē I have already told you l donít converse with your friend, had enough of her nonsense. Had l posted a pic of a white guy saying that would you feel the same way? Itís no wonder you Magats are so screwed up in the head: The election results say Joe won, you guys say no!

Dear Lord, clean up in aisle 5.
LOL I am a cheap skate. I can't think of any politicians I'd donate money to, they're all richer than me. They can have my vote but not my dime. I'll let y'all go back to living in each other's heads rent free. Peace out.
Hey Numbnutz, maybe you can get a job on Dopey Joe's 87,000 member Stasi.
They're gonna need a lotta hate-filled, vengeance-minded woke leftists like you.
Can you accept carrying a gun though? I know you're afraid of them and want them outlawed.
But when you smash in the doors on people's houses that disagree with Joe, you might need it.
In the meantime you should probably brush up on your goose-stepping and Mein Kampf and Wagner.
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